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  • Bargraph Meters By Weschler Instruments

    Single and Tricolor Bargraph meters provide a bright, easy-to-read display of current, voltage, power, temperature, speed, pressure or other process parameters. The bar gives a quick indication of process status, while the precise value is shown on the 3 - 6 digit readout. Use high and low... Read More
  • Basik™ By SPI Lighting

    Effective optical packages meet timeless fixture designs in the Basik family. Launched in 1999, this indirect lighting product line was designed to withstand the test of time. Basic geometric fixture shapes, just as appropriate after remodeling and renovations as they were at... Read More
  • Battery Chargers By Panel Components & Systems (PC&S)

    A complete offering of battery chargers from PC&S provide manual or fully automatic, heavy duty, current limited charging of vented lead acid or nickel cadmium batteries. Our switchmode power supply design enables us to provide chargers which are compact and light, with high power efficiency... Read More
  • Battery Chargers for Sealed Lead Acid Batteries By Power-Sonic Corporation

    Power-Sonic offers a wide range of chargers for sealed lead acid batteries. Our range features both I.C. based state-of-the-art and transformer type chargers.These are available for batteries up to 100AH. Our battery specification sheets recommend the most suitable chargers to use with that... Read More
  • BC82 Bendcart By Associated Electric Products, Inc.

    A portable, vertical mounting platform for the 882 fliptop bender permits use of protractors for accurate bending. There are storage pegs for the extra shoes and saddlesand the large tray accomodates the extra follow bars and either the manual or electric pump. Use of the electric pump gives a... Read More
  • BCT-3000 Load Bank By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    The SBS Model BCT-3000 is a lightweight, DC resistive load bank contained in a small enclosure. It provides up to 150 amperes loading capacity for testing utility sub-station, telecommunication, and related DC power sources at 24V or 48V DC. Read More
  • Below Ground Fiberglass Conduit Systems By FRE Composites

    FRE Composites manufactures a complete line of Below Ground Fiberglass Conduit products designed for either Direct Burial (DB) or Encased Burial (EB) applications as described in the National Electrical Code (NEC) and Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). UL Listed and CSA Certified, FRE® Below... Read More
  • Bendcart By Associated Electric Products, Inc.

    The Bendcart adds portability to your 2-1/2" to 4" benders. It eliminates setup and teardown labor and allows you to follow your conduit runs around the building. Read More
  • Beta Series™ By ZSI-Foster

    THE BETA PIPE CLAMPS are used in all areas of industrial, mobile and marine hydraulics, general industrial pipe construction, the field of press technology, instrumentation and control technology and many other application fields. Read More
  • BFQF70 By Air King Ventilation Products

    ENERGY STAR®High Performance Series with Light The ENERGY STAR qualified High Performance Exhaust Fan Serieswith Light features an unique Snap-In Installation System. The included bracket nails or screws to the ceiling joist allowing the fan housing to “Snap-In”. Connect the wiring and the... Read More
  • BillQuick By BQE Software, Inc.

    BillQuick is an integrated solution for Time and Expense Tracking, Billing, Project Management and Accounting. It is designed to help your firm increase performance, streamline processes and make decisions faster. With different editions to choose from, it's scalable to meet the needs of any... Read More
  • BillQuick Online for Billing and Accounts Receivable By BQE Software, Inc.

    BillQuick is an integrated solution for Time and Expense Tracking, Billing, Project Management and Accounting. It is designed to help firms increase performance, streamline processes and make decisions faster. Billing and accounts receivable features include: Collection Center: All the... Read More
  • BillQuick Web Suite for Project Management By BQE Software, Inc.

    This web-based project management application is ideal for firms that have employees that work remotely and require a solution that they can host on their servers. Web Suite users have the added benefit of being able to use BillQuick Mobile on their iPhone® and Android devices. No matter where... Read More
  • Bird Exclusion Netting By No Fly Zone, Inc.

    The use of Bird Exclusion Netting provides a safe and humane method of completely excluding pest birds from desired areas. A typical netting installation consists of the following: first, stainless steel support anchors (eye bolts) are mounted to the structure. Next, cable guides (j-brackets,... Read More
  • Bird Spikes By No Fly Zone, Inc.

    No Fly Zone, Inc. Bird Spikes Bird Spikes are a stainless steel deterrent product. They deter birds from landing and/or roosting on light to heavy pressure sites such as ledges, etc. The Bird Spikes have a long stainless steel spike that extends upwards and outwards in a way that makes it... Read More
  • Blocker Stray Voltage Isolators By Ronk Electrical Industries

    Stray voltage or neutral-to-earth (NE) voltages are an ongoing problem in many areas supplied from single-phase multi-grounded services where current levels in the grounding systems raised (NE) voltages above the perception threshold for either animals or humans. Typical locations are dairy... Read More
  • BNC Compression Connector For RG59 By Primus Cable

    RG59 Compression BNC Connector Read More
  • Bolted Framing / Strut Systems By Eaton's B-Line Business

    As the largest manufacturer of Bolted Framing and Strut Support Systems, Cooper B-Line provides an economical solution for virtually any electrical, mechanical and industrial support application. Read More
  • Bolts By Melfast

    Melfast started distributing the highest quality bolts on the market since 1985, and continues to deliver nearly 30 years later. Melfast offers a variety of hex head bolts, lag bolts, carriage bolts, tap bolts and other bolts in different materials and sizes. Used in various industries and... Read More
  • Boomerang Equipment By Power Monitors, Inc.

    PMI's cell-based Boomerang equipment is perfect for SCADA monitoring at the end-of-line, a feeder voltage regulator or cap bank, or even at the secondary of a sensitive customer. When paired with cloud-based Canvass software, Boomerangs provide continuous current & voltage monitoring accessible... Read More
  • Branch Circuit Monitoring Systems (BCMS) By Power Distribution, Inc.

    PDI's Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) can measure and remotely monitor the current and voltage on each individual branch circuit. There are different monitoring packages available from PDI for your BCMS. PDI's BCMS is a patented technology. PDI received patent number US 693309516 B1... Read More
  • BreathSaver® Fiberglass Conduit System for Low Smoke/High Temperature applications By FRE Composites

    FRE Composites' BreathSaver® Fiberglass Conduit system consists of conduits, elbows, fittings and adaptors. Using a phenolic resin based matrix, it is designed to provide transit, utilities, and industry with a nonmetallic corrosion resistant, flame resistant, low-smoke, non-toxic conduit... Read More
  • BULB EZ By Copperwolf, Inc. (BULB EZ)

    BULB EZ - Copperwolf, Inc. developed BULB EZ, a lightweight lubricant that helps prevent light bulbs and lamps from freezing, sticking, or breaking in their sockets. BULB EZ ensures smooth installation and removal of light bulbs and lamps and reduces installation costs. Its silky texture works... Read More
  • Bulk Fiber 10 GIG 300 Meter Plenum Indoor Tight Buffer By Primus Cable

    Applications: * Used in trunking, LAN and distribution applications where small size, lightweight, and versatile installation capability are required for ducts, plenums, and air handling spaces * Ideal configuration for a single termination point requiring multiple fibers Standards... Read More