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  • G8000 Series 80-300kVA By Toshiba Intl Corp

    Our G8000 UPS is widely used in the medical industry where power protection is critical. The G8000 offers unity power factor output which provides 20% more power than other UPS manufacturers. It is also 100% generator compatible, and its low input current harmonics means that you do not need to... Read More
  • G9000 Series 80-1000kVA By Toshiba Intl Corp

    The G9000 series UPS is available in capacities of 80, 100, 160, 225, 300, 500,750 and 1000KVA and comes with an industry-leading three-year onsite warranty. It is designed for stand-alone or parallel use in up to eight-unit configurations without requiring the use of a special switchgear... Read More
  • Galil DMC-30016 By Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.

    Galil is announcing the DMC-30016 1-axis motion controller packaged with a 1.4A/phase Stepper Drive in a single, compact unit. It joins the growing family of drive options for the DMC-30000 Pocket Motion Controller Series which includes the previously released DMC-30012 800W Brushless Sine Drive... Read More
  • Galvan 304 Solid Stainless-Steel Ground Rods By Galvan Industries, Inc.

    •CSA Listed for US and Canada •5/8"x8'RUS approved •Stamped for inspectability and traceability •Made in USA •316 Stainless available upon request Read More
  • Galvan Aluminum Compression Connectors and Splices By Galvan Industries, Inc.

    Dual Rated: For use with both aluminum and copper conductors •GALVAN 1- and 2-hole aluminum compression connectors and compression splices are manufactured from high conductivity 1350 alloy aluminum seamless tubing. •Tin plated and prefilled with oxide inhibitor. •UL Listed and CSA... Read More
  • Galvan Bronze Alloy Ground Rod Clamps By Galvan Industries, Inc.

    Bronze alloy or stainless steel hardware approved for direct burial in earth and concrete. Cast copper alloy body with hex head bolt provides simple trouble-free connection at low cost. Choose from multiple sizes and styles, most UL and/or CSA listed. Read More
  • Galvan Copper Coated Ground Rods By Galvan Industries, Inc.

    Galvan’s copper coated rods have a heavy, uniform coating of copper metallurgically bonded to a rigid steel core. UL-Listed rods have 10-mil minimum copper plating. UL/RUS models have 13-mil minimum of copper. Galvan manufactures copper-coated rods under patent 6,527,934. Wide range of sizes... Read More
  • Galvan Copper Compression Connectors and Splices By Galvan Industries, Inc.

    For use with copper conductors only. Long and short barrel 1- and 2- hole connectors and short barrel compression splices •Specially designed for industrial and building applications. •GALVAN compression connectors are manufactured from high strength pure electrolytic copper to insure... Read More
  • Galvan Copper Mechanical Connectors By Galvan Industries, Inc.

    GALVAN single hole solderless lugs and double hole solderless lugs are manufactured from high strength pure electrolytic copper to insure both maximum strength and conductivity, plain finished. •Conductors are inserted between arched pressure bar and V-bottom collar which positions the... Read More
  • Galvan Dual-Rated Aluminum Split Bolt Connectors By Galvan Industries, Inc.

    For aluminum to aluminum, copper to aluminum and copper to copper. •GALVAN aluminum split bolts made from high strength heat treated aluminum alloy that is highly resistant to corrosion. •The design provides, under torque, high contact pressure between conductors. •Electro-tin... Read More
  • Galvan Dual-Rated Solderless Connectors By Galvan Industries, Inc.

    General purpose mechanical connectors for use with both aluminum and copper conductors •GALVAN aluminum dual-rated connectors are manufactured from high strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy to insure both maximum strength and conductivity. •They are dual-rated for both copper and aluminum... Read More
  • Galvan Hot Dip Galvanized Ground Rods By Galvan Industries, Inc.

    Outstanding corrosion resistance; high-strength steel is emersed in molten zinc forming a rust-proof barrier. Minimum zinc thickness 3.9 mils. (per ASTM A-123) Meets NEMA GR-1 and ANSI C135.30 requirements. Stamped for inspectability and traceability. Made in USA. UL and CSA listed models in stock. Read More
  • Galvan Stainless Steel Universal Ground Rod Clamp By Galvan Industries, Inc.

    One Clamp Fits 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 Rod Diameters. •Made from 304 stainless steel •UL-Listed and marked for copper coated, galvanized, and stainless steel ground rods; also for #4 rebar •UL-Listed in US and Canada for direct burial in earth and concrete •Patent pending •Made... Read More
  • Gas Monitors By Pelsue Company

    Pelsue Gas Monitors are designed to be small, lightweight, and dependable. With easy-to-use software for datalogging, quick calibrations and a rugged housing, our gas monitors save time and money while offering solid performance. These units are watertight and easy to use: just turn it on and... Read More
  • Gated Hook Gripper By Griplock Systems LLC

    The 15-GHA gated hook gripper was originally designed to hang artwork securely. Now celebrating its 6th birthday, our little tyke has graduated into some serious suspension. Still at use in galleries and coffee shops across the country, the 15-GHA can now be found suspending mannequins in... Read More
  • Gated Hook Grippers By Griplock Systems LLC

    15Z-1420-GHA, 25Z-1420-GHA, 30Z-1420-V6-GHA The uses for Griplock’s Gated Hook Grippers are seemingly endless. Its easy to imagine them holding lights, speakers, curtains, backdrops, banners—almost any kind of temporary or permanent installation. Cables exit at the side of the gripper, so... Read More
  • Gearboxes, Brakes & Couplings By Servo2Go.com Ltd.

    >Gear Reducers >Couplings >Brakes Read More
  • General Purpose Fuses / European IEC By Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut)

    Mersen offers you the benefits of a truly global supplier. From the one-stop shopping advantages of our complete line of European and North American fuses, holders, and accessories. To our pursuit of other international technologies. To our definitive understanding of international circuit... Read More
  • General Purpose Midget Fuses By Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut)

    Mersen's international range of midget and miniature dimension and PC mount fuses offer you all the protection you require. A wide range of ratings. Special characteristics like time-delay and low I2t. All within a footprint of 1-1/2” x 13/32” or less. Read More
  • Generator Enclosures & Sub-Base Fuel Tanks By Lectrus Corporation

    Stationary & Mobile Generator Enclosures Lectrus’ robust, stationary generator enclosures are used to build fully integrated, UL-listed genset packages which also contain the generator set, exhaust system and optional fuel tank. They can be designed “skin-tight” to match factory style or as a... Read More
  • Generators By Mi-T-M Corp

    Mi-T-M manufactures a broad range of portable industrial generators and accessories, including 3,000- to 14,000-Watt gas generators designed for contractors and built to withstand even the most demanding jobs. Features of the 14,000-Watt GEN-14000-1MHE industrial gasoline generator include:... Read More
  • GenMax By Harmonics Limited, Inc.

    The GenMax addresses the issue which arises when multiple generators are paralleled and a small difference in winding pitch occurs among them. This produces differences in 3rd harmonic voltage for each generator and results in a flow of harmonic currents in the grounding systems. The GenMax... Read More
  • GFF Series™ Utility Light Fixture By Engineered Products Co.

    EPCO’s domestically manufactured GFF Series™ Light Fixture accommodates both T5 and T8 lamps, both rated for long life, energy efficiency, and more uniform lumen distribution. For high or low ceiling applications, the highly reflective coated finish of the GFF light fixture gear tray surface... Read More
  • Glass Front Vented Rear Server Rack By Primus Cable

    The 3100 series is one of our best looking LINIER™ enclosures. The design is packed with some of the most popular rack features for a price virtually anyone can afford. Complimented with a tempered safety glass door, this system is perfect for low heat applications such as switching banks,... Read More
  • Global Maintenance Bypass Cabinets (GMB) By Power Distribution, Inc.

    PDI carries a number of different options for global maintenance bypass cabinets. The two or three breaker designs offer standard features of 35 KAIC molded case breakers, electrical interlocks for performing testing or preventive maintenance, and can be built with or without isolation... Read More
  • Gloves By Magid Glove & Safety

    Magid Glove & Safety has a work glove for every job. Our unrivaled assortment of hand protection includes leather work gloves, disposable gloves, cotton work gloves and chemical resistant gloves, each available in a variety of styles, constructions and coatings. Browse our selection of work... Read More
  • GM8212-31 Brush Mini Gearmotor By Servo2Go.com Ltd.

    Pittman's GM8000 Series spur gearmotors feature sintered steel gears, are available in three stack lengths, and come in with side exit terminals. Pittman's LO-COG brush-commutated DC gearmotors offer smooth, quiet operation and long life. Armatures are skewed to minimize magnetic cogging, even... Read More
  • GM9213-3 Brush Mini Gearmotor By Servo2Go.com Ltd.

    Pittman's GM9000 Series spur gearmotors feature sintered steel gears, are available in three stack lengths, and come in with side exit terminals. Pittman's LO-COG brush-commutated DC gearmotors offer smooth, quiet operation and long life. Armatures are skewed to minimize magnetic cogging, even... Read More
  • Gooseneck Platforms By The Knapheide Manufacturing Company

    - Formed, integrated bulkhead with screened window and tapered design to conform to cab contours for improved visibility - Internal stake pockets on both sides and rear of platform - Under the floor gooseneck hitch system with 1.31" diameter hole and 2-5/16" ball installed - Gooseneck hitch... Read More
  • Gorilla Nuts™ Cushion Grip Wire Connectors By King Innovation Inc

    Gorilla Nuts™ Cushion Grip Wire Connectors are specifically designed with an over-molded material that creates a cushion sensation, a flexible grip, and most importantly stops hand pain due to repetitive twisting of hard wire connectors. Gorilla Nuts have superior torque, a flexible work skirt... Read More
  • Government & Military Load Banks By ComRent International, LLC

    ComRent is the most experienced provider of load bank rentals in the industry, so you can count on us for commissioning and maintenance testing of utility substations at government and military facilities – as well as diesel and gas turbine generators for applications in Navy and Coast Guard... Read More
  • Graphic Products Echo By Graphic Products

    Echo is a large format printer, scanner, and enlarger capable of printing large-scale banners in just minutes. The inkless poster printer is environmentally friendly using thermal printing technology instead of messy inkjet or toner to flawlessly create safety posters for warehouse facilities.... Read More
  • Graphic Products Rhino By Graphic Products

    Safeguard messages that matter most with Rhino, a new large-format laminator by Graphic Products. Rhino uses cold-laminate technology to protect and preserve documents like facility audit maps, name badges, and even classroom posters and banners. Rhino creates a thick skin. Its innovative system... Read More
  • Ground Bonding Pigtails By Engineered Products Co.

    Ground bonding in a power distribution box, junction box or multi-gang receptacle box. Read More
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters By Ericson Manufacturing

    Rugged, XG2 Series In-Line GFCI for indoor/outdoor use, impact, UV and moisture resistant. NEMA Type 4X & 6P enclosures conform to UL 943. Great for damp and corrosive environments. Available in many styles including water tight, multi-outlet rubber gang box, tri-tap and single tap. Read More
  • Ground-Lok™ Clamp System By Greaves Corp.

    Interchangeable clamps and adapters provide versatility Matching serrations assure positive lock of adapter to clamp Heavy duty construction - cast bronze body and plated steel screws Read More
  • Guardian® By Power Monitors, Inc.

    Now with cellular communications you can save time and money by moving from investigation site to investigation site without ever having to bring the Guardian® back into the office. Drastically reduce fleet and labor costs by cutting truck rolls and checking your data from anywhere. The Cell... Read More