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  • Panel Meters By Weschler Instruments

    Weschler Instruments maintains a full-capability Meter Modification Center to meet your panel meter requirements. We carry an extensive inventory of parts to quickly assemble and configure an analog or digital meter to your exact application. The Meter Modification Center can also... Read More
  • Panel/Link® Transfer Panels By Reliance Controls Corp.

    Panel/Link manual transfer panels and generator-ready load centers are available in single or three phase configurations. Read More
  • Paneleveline™ Conductivity Type Liquid Level Controls By Lumenite Control Technology, Inc.

    Designed for contractors and panel builders to be integrated into control systems. They can also be used as stand alone controls should the application call for it. Mounting methods include octal socket, din-rail or 3" snap-track. For use in single or multi-level control applications in... Read More
  • Parking Signage By Directional Systems

    Parking signs are the most efficient and effective way to communicate directional information in your parking lot or parking garage, reducing wasted time, confusion, and motorist stress. Parking signage effectively improves traffic flow and makes your facility safer for both pedestrians and... Read More
  • Patch Panels | Cable Management By Primus Cable

    Make cable management easy and time efficient with our extensive line of highly configurable cable management products like our CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A and Blank patch panels. With superior products at the most competitive prices, what are you waiting for? Read More
  • PathFinder Safety Tapes By Graphic Products

    PathFinder, a new line of floormarking, wayfinding, and safety tapes from Graphic Products, helps facilities organize workflow and create barriers between workers and potential hazards. The wide variety of tapes offer visual communication solutions to designate forklift zones, add traction to... Read More
  • PDF Document Imaging and Document Management Solutions By Appligent Document Solutions

    Appligent develops desktop and server-based software and plug-ins for PDF document imaging and PDF document management, including redaction and form-flattening, as well as PDF-specific server applications for forms, stamping, appending, encryption and digital signatures, all available across... Read More
  • PERMALIGHT Luminous Egress Path Markings By American PERMALIGHT , Inc.

    The U.S.-wide Building Codes require Luminous Egress Path Markings in multi-story building emergency staircases to help building occupants evacuate from darkened assembly, business, educational, institutional, hotel/motel, mercantile high-rise buildings nationwide. PERMALIGHT® manufactures... Read More
  • PG Long Life Rechargeable Batteries By Power-Sonic Corporation

    Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance. Available for either deep cycle or standby applications Thick plate design and efficient gas recombination that yield a design life expectancy of 10 years in standby mode. Proven VRLA technology that guarantees safe operation... Read More
  • Phasemaster Rotary Phase Converter By Kay Industries Inc.

    The Phasemaster rotary phase converter changes 230 or 460 volt, 1-phase service to an equivalent 3-phase output. It will efficiently operate any 3-phase equipment from an existing 1-phase supply and will provide years of trouble free service. The output of a Phasemaster converter is just like... Read More
  • Phoenix Contact® Equivalent Industrial Feed Through Terminal Blocks By Automation Systems Interconnect Inc.

    Looking for a low-cost, high quality DIN rail mounted IEC terminal block for your next application? Would a savings of 20% to 50% and more over a supplier such as Phoenix Contact® be of interest to you and your company? Then look no further than the equivalent industrial terminal blocks... Read More
  • Photoluminescent EXIT Signs By American PERMALIGHT , Inc.

    PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent exit signs are non-electrical and non-radioactive. Charged by 5 foot candles (54 Lux) of ambient lighting, the energy efficient signs release their NFPA 101-/ IBC-/ IFC-Code compliant luminance, should building lighting fail. PERMALIGHT® exit signs have no light... Read More
  • Photoluminescent Safety Signs By American PERMALIGHT , Inc.

    PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent safety signs glow in the dark and thereby remain visible to observers for an extended period of time during a blackout, underneath a heavy smoke layer or simply at night. Often signs are printed onto white plastic. Should the power fail, those signs are not visible... Read More
  • Pin & Sleeve Connectors By elecDirect.com

    Offering the best prices anywhere on Pin & Sleeve Connectors! ElecDirect.com offers a huge selection of IEC 309 Pin & Sleeve Devices in 16,20,30,32,60,63,100 & 125 AMP current loads. They conform to IEC 309-1 and 309-2 (now IEC 60309) standards and are fully compatible with other major... Read More
  • PIN30 By Air King Ventilation Products

    The Air King PIN30 Professional Series Insert places design control in your hands. The series starts with an elegant and refined Stainless Steel finish faceplate and includes the controls, lamp sockets, and baffles. To finish the system Air King allows the homeowner the freedom to target the... Read More
  • Pins By Melfast

    Melfast offers a vast variety of pins to various industries. We have been distributing pins and other fasteners to industries such as the railroad industry, the mining industry, and even the defense industry since 1985. Pins hold joints in place and create necessary function for many... Read More
  • Pipe & Tank Products By Enduro Systems

    Since the early 1950's Enduro has provided pipe and tank products to the petrochemical industry along the Gulf Coast. Combining our engineering and chemical expertise, we provide fiberglass (FRP/GRP) pipe and tank products that are cost competitive and able to withstand applications in the most... Read More
  • Pipe and Valve Marking By Brady Corp

    Brady offers a comprehensive collection of pipe and valve marking supplies, tools and identification systems. Clearly marked pipes let workers trace process problems and find solutions faster. Also, Brady's pipe and valve marking solutions help satisfy safety and ASME (ANSI) standards. With... Read More
  • Pivotal Series By Mule Lighting

    The Pivotal is the latest generation edge-lit EXIT from the Mule design team. The Pivotal features an integrated and unique pivot system that allows the Pivotal to be installed on the wall, ceiling or sloped surface. Easy to specify, easy to install, the Pivotal is a universal edge-lit EXIT that... Read More
  • PK Polycarbonate Screw Cover Junction Box By Rittal Corporation

    Designed to provide a high level of protection, the versatility of Rittal’s line of polycarbonate industrial enclosures makes them ideal for a wide array of applications. Read More
  • PK3564 Complete Power Analysis System By Summit Technology, Inc.

    PK3564 complete Power Analysis System includes PS3550 Power Analyzer, four eFX6000 flexible current probes, and our CAS3 hard-shell carrying case. The PK3564 is the ideal package for comprehensive power studies, energy audits, load studies, and more. Wide-range flexible current probes allow you... Read More
  • PK4564 Complete Power Quality Analysis System By Summit Technology, Inc.

    PK4564 complete Power Quality Analysis System includes PS4550 Power Quality Analyzer, four eFX6000 flexible current probes, and our CAS3 hard-shell carrying case. The PK4564 is the ideal package for comprehensive power quality studies, energy audits, load studies, harmonic analysis, and more.... Read More
  • PK5046 Complete Power Quality Analysis System By Summit Technology, Inc.

    PK5064 complete Graphical Power Quality Analysis System includes PS5000 Graphical Power Quality Analyzer with extended memory, four eFX6000 flexible current probes, and our CAS3 hard-shell carrying case. The PK5064 is the ideal package for comprehensive power quality studies, energy audits,... Read More
  • Platform Bodies By The Knapheide Manufacturing Company

    - Choose from Knapheide's four standard platform models: Value-Master X, Heavy-Hauler Junior, Cargo-Hauler, or Heavy-Hauler - Available side accessories include either 28" or 40" high steel stake racks, 28", 40" or 52" high steel solid sides, refuse sides, drop side contractor sides, or fixed... Read More
  • PMH Pad-Mounted Gear By S&C Electric Company

    The S&C Pad-Mounted Gear family consists of both “live” front and “dead” front styles. Our live front, PMH Pad-Mounted Gear, feature directly accessible components. The components are readily visible, and operating status can be easily confirmed by visible gaps and grounds. PMH Pad-Mounted Gear... Read More
  • PMX™ Modular Metal-Enclosed Switchgear By S&C Electric Company

    Combines the solid features of S&C System II Modular Metal-Enclosed Switchgear with the size and economic benefits of S&C Pad-Mounted Gear. The pre-engineered modules are designed for easy assembly into switchgear lineups to suit a variety of applications. With ratings of 13.8 and 25 kV,... Read More
  • Pocket Plate Ni-Cad Batteries By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    Nickel Cadmium pocket place batteries are the most reliable and rugges batteries available today. They can withstand to a great extent, any type of abuse like overcharge, deep discharge, even accidental reverse charge and can be stored in any state of charge. Pocket plate batteries are... Read More
  • PocketClock®/GPS By Exaktime

    Software that creates a mobile timeclock with powerful tools for supervisors. You've got crews that see 20 customers a week? No problem. Give them a smartphone or PDA running PocketClock/GPS software and they have a mobile timeclock designed for work in the field. Using their PIN code, they can... Read More
  • Polyurethanes for Bonding, Sealing, Coating & Potting By Master Bond, Inc.

    Polyurethane compounds were developed by Master Bond to solve design, manufacturing and repair/maintenance applications across a broad range of industries. They are especially useful when strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance, fast curing and chemical resistance properties are needed. Read More
  • Porce-A-Clamp™ By ZSI-Foster

    Replaces Porcelain and Maple Cable Clamp. Assembly consists of thermoplastic elastomer cushion with plated or stainless steel clamp. Plated steel and stainless are both supplied with Silicon Bronze bolt and nut. • Non-breakable material • Chemical and UV resistant • U.L. Listed - Burning stops... Read More
  • Portable Air Conditioners By Pelsue Company

    The Pelsue Portable Air Conditioner provides a powerful continuous flow of fresh cool air where you need it. These Pelsue A/C’s are easy to maneuver almost anywhere and are ideal for manholes, confined spaces, emergency response, temporary shelters, construction projects, and more. Both models... Read More
  • Portable Battery Monitor / Ground Fault Locator By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    Quickly identify & locate life-safety hazardous battery circuit ground fault paths without exposing operators to hazardous dc fault voltages using this device. Troubleshoot electrolyte current paths & detect AC line ripple presence easily to ensure the maximum service life of your battery... Read More
  • POS Guardian - Electronic Power Conditioner By Smart Power Systems

    Electronic Power Conditioner Provides Power Protection for Point of Sale (POS) Systems. Point of sale (POS) systems are mission critical equipment for retail and restaurant operations. The inability to complete a customer transaction can lead to lost revenue and more importantly lost... Read More
  • Positioning Systems & Actuators By Servo2Go.com Ltd.

    >Linear Slides >Rotary Stages >Linear Actuators >Tilt Stages >Electromechanical Cylinders >Screw Driven Stages Read More
  • Power & Communications Conduit By American Pipe & Plastics, Inc

    The AMDUCT Power and Communications Conduit is manufactured to meet NEMA TC2, NEMA TC6/8 and ASTM F512 specifications. Sweeps, bends, and fittings are manufactured to meet NEMA TC3 and NEMA TC9 specifications. Our PVC Conduit has a smooth bore that reduces cable drag. It is lightweight,... Read More
  • Power / Appliance Cords By Engineered Products Co.

    SPT Flat and SJT Round Power/Appliance Cords are used for typical applications such as installation of garbage disposals, dishwashers or similar appliances. These Power/Appliance Cords can also be used for repairs of appliances, power tools or other electrical equipment. The cords are... Read More
  • Power Distribution Equipment By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal manufacturers electrical power distribution equipment like insulated flexible copper busbar, PLS busbar (including Mini-PLS and Maxi-PLS) and flat busbar systems, including supports and covers, as well as system accessories like busbar connection adaptors and accessories, IEC component... Read More
  • Power Factor Correction Capacitors By Ronk Electrical Industries

    Low power factor costs you profits every day. Adding Ronk POWER FACTOR CORRECTION CAPACITORS can reduce wiring costs on new installations, increase capacity of existing wiring, reduce power lost in existing wiring, improve motor voltage, and reduce peak KVA or power factor penalties charged by... Read More
  • Power Meters - Power Monitors By Panel Components & Systems (PC&S)

    PC&S offers power meters for single phase or 3-phase digital metering systems, measuring and displaying up to 22 parameters. These low-cost, simple to use metering systems are ideal for use in switchboards, building management systems, generating sets, distribution feeders, medium and... Read More
  • Power Quality Analyzer By Smart Power Systems

    Quickly and Easily Identify and Solve Power Quality Problems. Intermittent power problems are a major hidden expense for companies using microprocessor based equipment. Initially, power problems appear to be issues that are hardware or software failures. And these issues lead to numerous... Read More
  • Power Supply By Technology Dynamics, Inc.

    The TCP Series of Rugged Industrial, Severe Environment, Fully Enclosed Power Supplies are ideal for all in process or stand alone applications where High Reliability is a must. Available in 3.3V,5V, 12V,15V,24V,28V,36V&48V outputs with power levels from 400 to 1000 Watts. Options include: Power... Read More
  • PowerGlide Trolley System By Universal Electric Corp.

    PowerGlide is a patented trolley system with retractable wheels that allows you to insert or remove the trolley anywhere along the conductor run! No more trap doors at the end of the electrical conductor run, or bending the bottom of the box track and forcing the trolley out. PowerGlide solves... Read More
  • PowerGrip® By Utilco

    POWERGRIP® hot-line connectors for overhead distribution applications allow a single lineman to make feeder tap connections, switchgear connections, or any other high current connection quickly, efficiently, and safely. KEY POWERGRIP BENEFITS: No need to wire brush — special grooves clean the... Read More
  • PowerHub WaveStar Series Power Distribution Unit (PDU) By Power Distribution, Inc.

    WaveStar monitoring built into our PDUs give you real-time control of actual loads down to the individual breaker level. This important decision-making tool integrates PDI’s BCMS and Intelligent Monitoring System so you control system-wide performance, breaker power levels, along with current... Read More
  • PowerScout 3 Plus By DENT Instruments

    DENT's PowerScout™3 Plus is a single-point 3-phase submeter that is compatible with either BACnet or Modbus communications protocols. It was designed to provide timely and accurate consumption data necessary to gain the upper hand on electrical costs in today's escalating energy market. These... Read More
  • PowerSight Accessories By Summit Technology, Inc.

    All the tools you need to maximize success in your power study! Read More
  • PowerSight Current Probes By Summit Technology, Inc.

    Measure AC current from 0.005A - 6,000A and DC current from 5A - 2,000A. Explore our wide range of current probes to complete just about any power study in the world. Read More
  • PowerSight Voltage Probes By Summit Technology, Inc.

    Measure from 1V to 15,000V AC with our various voltage leads and probes. These are the only probes that connect to analyzers capable of direct connection to medium voltage. Perform almost any power study in the world with PowerSight voltage probes. Read More
  • Powerwave Bus System™ By Power Distribution, Inc.

    PDI’s innovative Powerwave Bus System™ with Tough Rail Technology™ represents a modular pre-engineered product line expansion into the structured bus distribution market. PDI has incorporated the simplicity of vertical drop downs from a common bus with the integration of PDI’s award winning... Read More
  • PQube By PSL

    Electrical Engineers, Facility Managers and Contractors install the new PQube from Power Standards Lab (Alameda, California, USA) to record power quality events and energy consumption in panels and electrical equipment. The PQube pinpoints the root causes of electrical malfunctions in PLCs,... Read More
  • Premium Nixalite® Bird Spikes By Nixalite of America Inc

    Nixalite's Premium Stainless Steel Bird Barrier Spikes provide effective and humane control for pest birds and climbing animals on all types of surfaces. Effective for all birds including sparrows, starlings, mud swallows, black birds, pigeons, crows, seagulls and vultures. When installed as... Read More
  • Printers and Label Makers By Brady Corp

    Brady's industrial printers and label makers offer reliable, on-demand labeling solutions for any industry. Designed with thermal transfer printing capabilities, Brady's printers create clear, professional-looking labels, signs and tags - with the durability to withstand even the harshest... Read More
  • Pro/Tran Q Series® By Reliance Controls Corp.

    The Pro/Tran Q Series features 1-inch interchangeable circuit breakers. A 30A double-pole circuit breaker and a 20A double-pole circuit breaker, to handle heavier loads on the generator side, are included on each model. The balance of the circuit breakers are single-pole 15A. The 15A circuits... Read More
  • Pro/Tran® Transfer Switches By Reliance Controls Corp.

    The Pro/Tran manual transfer switch is specifically designed to connect your portable generator to the circuit breaker panel in your home. The Pro/Tran allows you to power critical loads, like your refrigerator, furnace fan, sump pump, well pump and microwave, with your portable generator during... Read More
  • ProEst Estimating By ProEst

    ProEst 2010 is a powerful and innovative estimating solution that streamlines productivity through superior usability, advanced integration capabilities and built-in digital takeoffs. Key features include a SQL database, Microsoft Office 2007 look and feel, integration with most online plan... Read More
  • ProSeries™ LED Utility Luminaire By Engineered Products Co.

    ProSeries™ LED Utility Luminaire The ProSeries LED Utility Luminaire is an energy efficient “wet-location”, sustainable and cost-effective alternative lighting solution for environments where ingress protection from dust and moisture is highly desirable. Benefits • Suitable for use in... Read More
  • Protection against transient overvoltage By FANOX ELECTRONIC, S.L.

    Adequate protection is essential to avoid significant damage to equipment and financial losses. As a result, “contaminated” electrical energy conditioning is becoming an essential objective for companies, not only in new installations but also in existing installations, as these, adapted... Read More
  • Protection relays for secondary distribution By FANOX ELECTRONIC, S.L.

    The SIA relays family, composed of SIA-C, SIA-E and SIA-D, are designed to protect the secondary transformation and distribution centres of electrical grids. The protection features include protection against instantaneous and inverse time overcurrent (for the phases and the neutral) as well as... Read More
  • Proteus MMX By Eagle Technology, Inc.

    ProTeus MMX™ is COBie compliant, importing BIM information directly into the system, giving the facility operations staff, complete, actionable data without major data-entry. Eagle has historically provided a migration path for its clients, and with the announcement of ProTeus MMX, the... Read More
  • PS and PSG General Purpose Rechargeable Batteries By Power-Sonic Corporation

    Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance. Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows safe operation in any position. Available for either deep cycle or standby applications Power/volume ratio yielding unrivaled energy density. Approved for transport by air.... Read More
  • PS3550 Power Analyzer By Summit Technology, Inc.

    The PowerSight PS3550 Power Analyzer is a versatile, easy-to-use 3-phase power analyzer that is ideal for energy audits, load studies, harmonic analysis, and more. The PS3550 couples its small size with a wide range of operating modes and measurement accessories to help you get the measurements... Read More
  • PS4550 Power Quality Analyzer By Summit Technology, Inc.

    The PowerSight PS4550 Power Quality Analyzer is a versatile, easy-to-use power quality analyzer that is ideal for comprehensive power quality studies, energy audits, load studies, harmonic analysis, and more. The PS4550 couples small size with sophisticated triggering and event capture to answer... Read More
  • PS5000 Graphical Power Quality Analyzer By Summit Technology, Inc.

    The PowerSight PS5000 Power Quality Analyzer is the premier member of the PowerSight line of compact, versatile, easy-to-use power quality analyzers. It provides the Most Efficient and Error Free Solution for doing Power Studies. The full color display eliminates the need for laptops to see... Read More
  • PSH High Rate Discharge Rechargeable Batteries By Power-Sonic Corporation

    Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance. Rugged plastic case and cover, flame retardant to UL94 V-O. Approved for transport by air. D.O.T., I.A.T.A. and F.A.A. certified. U.L. recognized under file number MH 20845. CE certified. Read More
  • Pull Boxes By Highline Products Corp.

    Polymer Concrete pull boxes, splice boxes and vaults Read More
  • Pumps relays By FANOX ELECTRONIC, S.L.

    Three phase pump protection Underload protection by undercurrent Suitable where the undercurrent (running without load) is critical, such us submersible pumps, surface pumps, etc. In these cases, when the equipments run without load (dry well) the relay trips by undercurrent. The great... Read More
  • PureWave UPS™ Systems By S&C Electric Company

    &C’s PureWave UPS System protects power-sensitive equipment from the detrimental effects of disturbances such as voltage sags, surges, transients, momentary disruptions, and complete outages. This unique Smart Grid solution supports the entire load with clean power for up to 60 seconds,... Read More
  • Push-In Terminal Blocks By Phoenix Contact

    Phoenix Contact’s newest terminal blocks use push-in technology (PIT) to reduce insertion forces by 50 percent compared with other spring-technology products. The modular PIT terminal blocks are easy to operate and reduce fatigue. They are ideal for installations with limited space or... Read More
  • Pushmepullyu Adjustable Loop Gripper By Griplock Systems LLC

    A double ended gripper, the Pushmepullyu uses aircraft cable of any length to create a self locking loop around truss, bar, or any structural component, allowing you to quickly hang lights, fixtures, sound equipment, and the like. Rapidly adjust the cable to fine tune the height of the hanging... Read More