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  • Safety Labels, Signs, Pipe Marking By Graphic Products

    Quickly address hazards and safety notices anywhere with premade safety signs, labels, and pipe markers. Read More
  • SAFJ LED By AZZ -- Rig-A-Lite

    Hazardous Location LED luminaire Read More
  • SAFJ Series By AZZ -- Rig-A-Lite

    Low Wattage-smaller HID luminaires Read More
  • SAFR LED By AZZ -- Rig-A-Lite

    Hazrdous Location LED luminaire Read More
  • Sanitary 4-20mA Digital Gauge/Transmitter By Lumenite Control Technology, Inc.

    Replaces both a Gauge and a 4-20mA Pressure Transmitter. 316SS Sanitary fitting and socket for CIP cleaning. Vacuum through 20,000 PSI ranges. Operating temperature 14 Deg F ti 140 Deg F (-10 Deg C to 60 Deg C). 3A Listed, CEE Third Party Verified. Read More
  • Sanitary Analog Pressure Gauges By Lumenite Control Technology, Inc.

    3A Sanitary Pressure Gauges ANSI grade 'A' accuracy. Conforms to all 3A sanitary standards. Stainless steel welded tube and socket. Electropolished 316L stainless steel diaphragm. Available in every type of sanitary connection fitting. 100% Helium leak tested. Ambient temperature range = up... Read More
  • Sanitary Probe and Jack Cable Assemblies By Lumenite Control Technology, Inc.

    Sanitary probe assemblies are 3A/USDA and 3rd Party Verified. They come in single, two, three four and five levels. For all sanitrodes, the temperature rating at 5-10 psi is 500 degrees F. For simultaneous high temperature and pressure applications or for wide temperature cycling situations,... Read More
  • SBS BCT-5000 Battery Capacity Tester By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    The only way to know your industrial batteries will perform to specification is to test them regularly. SBS’s battery capacity testers enable you to test your wet or sealed batteries in a variety of ways and at three voltages. Load bank test 24V, 48V, or 120V DC systems with currents up to 171... Read More
  • SBS GL-1000 Load Tester By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    The SBS GL-1000 is designed for testing single cells, 12v/6v monoblocks to 150 A/h or small ampere hour battery strings up to 64 Vdc. Adjustable, constant current load up to 1000 watts 1.0V to 64.0V Range Parallel operation to enable increased load — up to four units Weight: 11... Read More
  • SBS STT Series Flooded Wet Cells By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    SBS "STT" series batteries are 20-25 year stationary batteries and were developed for utility, telecom and general purpose applications. They are distinguished by their lead selenium tubular plate design and high tolerance to cycling. The STT's tubular lead selenium cells provide the best... Read More
  • SBS Switchboard Meters By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    The SBS DC Battery Voltage Meter has relay with ground fault protection, which automatically scans each range every three seconds. Digital and analog outputs are available for SCADA and in any voltage. Output Options: 4 to 20 mADC 0 to 1 mADC DNP 3.0 Modbus Read More
  • SBS-2002 Digital Hydrometer By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    Battery testing has never been this easy. Simply insert the nozzle into the battery, depress the finder pump, and extract a few drops of sulfuric acid (H2S04) electrolyte. Touch one button and the processor does the rest. Within three seconds you have a temperature compensated accurate reading... Read More
  • SBS-2500 Digital Hydrometer with Downloading Capabilities By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    Battery testing has never been this easy. Simply insert the nozzle of the digital hydrometer into the battery, depress the finder pump, and extract a few drops of electrolyte. Touch one button and the processor does the rest. Within seconds you have an accurate reading of temperature compensated... Read More
  • SBS-3500 Digital Hydrometer / Density Meter By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    The SBS-3500 is our newest portable specific gravity meter. It uses oscillating U-tube technology while measuring the density of your sample supplying results within seconds. It is able to communicate wirelessly with a printer or PC via the integrated IrDA interface. This is a great solution for... Read More
  • SBS-Hydrogen Gas Detector By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    Lead-acid storage batteries emit hydrogen while gassing during charge. Hydrogen concentration of 4% to 75% by volume in air are potentially explosive. Hydrogen gas detector is designed to provide for dissipation and warning before any concentration reaches the lower explosive limit (LEL) of... Read More
  • SBS-ULTRA Diagnostic Tester By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    Introducing the ULTRA Diagnostic Tester exclusively from SBS. The new ULTRA is a cutting edge digital battery diagnostic tester meeting all IEEE/NERC Standard Recommendations for all stationary applications such as telecommunication's back up power, utility switching power, uninterruptible... Read More
  • SCN5 Series Electromechanical Cylinder By Servo2Go.com Ltd.

    The SCN5 series of Dyadic's Mechatronics Cylinder line is ideal in that the motor, encoder, drive and actuator are one integral package. Dyadic has developed the linear actuator drive mechanism such that the screw and nut are optimized for high accuracy, long life and low cost while delivering... Read More
  • SCR Phase Controllers By Applied Power Systems, Inc.

    The APS SixPac™ Series of Rectifier Converters and AC Phase Controllers offer complete, fully tested solution for your power converter requirements. Just add power and GO! Our standard and custom SixPac™ Series of advanced converters are available with all the features needed to get your... Read More
  • SE8 Freestanding Enclosure By Rittal Corporation

    Unlike bayed enclosure suites with frames and removable side panels, the body of the SE 8 - consisting of two side panels and a roof - is made from one piece of sheet steel. The rear panel of the enclosure is screwed on for easy access and cable entry can be handled in a variety of ways using... Read More
  • SE-8 Freestanding Enclosure By Rittal Corporation

    Unlike bayed enclosure suites with frames and removable side panels, the body of the SE 8 - consisting of two side panels and a roof - is made from one piece of sheet steel. The rear panel of the enclosure is screwed on for easy access and cable entry can be handled in a variety of ways using... Read More
  • Sealants By Melfast

    Melfast has been distributing high quality caulks and sealants at wholesale prices for over 25 years. From flame retardant sealants, to neoprene cement, speak with one of our sales reps about same day for whatever you need. Sealants are the traditional fasteners. Everything that requires a... Read More
  • SECURITY By Legion Lighting Co. Inc.

    The Security series of troffers are designed and precision engineered for durability and high efficiency. The fully gasketed construction is resistant to moisture, dust and vermin. The Security series are U.L. listed for damp and wet locations. They are suitable for use in hospitals,... Read More
  • Semiconductor Fuses By Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut)

    Mersen affords OEM designers and equipment-maintenance personnel a comprehensive line of Form 101 semiconductor protection fuses in ratings from 130 to 1500VAC. Plus, Square Body North American and European-Dimension semiconductor fuses in 690/700 and 1250/ 1300V ratings (four sizes of each).... Read More
  • Sentinel Series Cameras By IQinVision

    IQeye Sentinel Series are full featured, multi-megapixel H.264 Main Profile all-weather security cameras. With support for up to 5 MP resolutions, these advanced cameras provide multiple, individually configured H.264 and simultaneous MJPEG streams. Designed with the installer in mind,... Read More
  • Series 4312L - WIDE BODY WRAP LED By Legion Lighting Co. Inc.

    This is a specification grade surface-mounted wraparound luminaire with low brightness linear sides. Used for indoor retrofit applications where existing luminaires can be replaced with newer energy efficient fixtures while covering existing ceiling lines, unpainted areas and holes from recessed... Read More
  • Series 6 Cable Tray By Chalfant Mfg. Co.

    Series 6 trough tray is a single piece multi-purpose design. Tray is available in aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel with 3", 4" or 6" load depths to 14" widths. Read More
  • Service Bodies By The Knapheide Manufacturing Company

    - Rugged 14 gauge two sided A-40 galvanneal steel body shell - Exclusive "Return Flange" floor design provides support for side compartments, adds floor strength, and eliminates rust prone exposed seam between floor and side compartments - Continuous stainless steel hinge for unmatched security... Read More
  • Service Bodies By Reading Truck Body, LLC

    A Full Line of Steel and Fuel Saving Aluminum Service Bodies The applications for Reading's steel and aluminum Service Bodies are endless - from the construction industry to property management and hundreds more. Service bodies can carry tools, material, parts, and equipment in a secure,... Read More
  • ServiceDrive® ASD/VFD Cable System By Service Wire Co., Inc.

    ServiceDrive® ASD/VFD Cable System increases drive reliability and reduces the risk of costly downtime, diagnosis and repair by addressing multiple sources of drive failure, preventing motor bearing failure, stray currents, cable failure and EMI. Product Offerings: • 14 AWG – 750 Kcmil in... Read More
  • Servo Drives By Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.

    AC Servo Motor+Drive Systems Analog Input Brush Servo Amplifiers Analog Input Sinusoidal Brushless Servo Amplifiers Analog Input Trapezoidal Brushless Servo Amplifiers Analog Input Trapezoidal Brushless Servo Amplifiers: Extended Environment Models Brush DC Controllers For... Read More
  • Servo Motors By Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.

    AC Servo Actuators AC Servo Motor+Drive Systems Brush Mini Gearmotor, Economical Brush Mini Gearmotor/Encoders, Economical Brush Mini Motor/Encoders, Economical Brush Mini Motors, Economical Brush Mini Motors, Maximum Performance Brush Mini Motors, Medium Performance... Read More
  • Servo Motors & Drives By Servo2Go.com Ltd.

    >Servo Drives >QuickStart Kits >Servo Motors >DC Mini Motors >Integrated Motors (Servo) >Power Supplies & Accessories >AC & DC Permanent Magnet Motors & Gearmotors Read More
  • Shark 100 Economical Multi-function Power and Energy Meter By Electro Industries/Gauge Tech.

    The Shark 100 is a revenue-grade multi-function power and energy meter that meets 0.02% Class Energy and Demand Metering standards. It offers multifunction measurement, a bright 3-line LED display, and standard IrDA and RS485 communication. It fits into both ANSI and DIN cut-outs for easy analog... Read More
  • Shark 100-S Wireless Sub-meter By Electro Industries/Gauge Tech.

    The Shark 100-S is an economical wireless sub-meter that meets 0.02% Accuracy class for revenue certifiable energy and demand meters. It offers multifunction measurement, a bright 3-line LED display, and standard IrDA. This meter also offers communication usually found only in much more... Read More
  • Shark 200 Data-Logging Sub-meter By Electro Industries/Gauge Tech.

    The award-winning Shark 200 is a multi-function data-logging and waveform-recording power meter with advanced I/O. It is a highly accurate 0.2% Class Revenue certifiable Energy and Demand meter offering multifunction measurement, a bright 3-line LED display, and standard RS485 communication It... Read More
  • Shark 200-S Advanced Data-logging WiFi Sub-meter By Electro Industries/Gauge Tech.

    The award-winning Shark 200-S is an advanced sub-meter with data-logging and WiFi capability. This ultra-compact revenue-grade power and energy meter features 2 Megabytes of flash memory for extensive data-logging. It allows up to three historical trending logs, as well as an alarm log, and a... Read More
  • Sign Lights By Dabmar Lighting

    In recent years, we have had amazing success with our line of high quality sign lights. Due to demand for larger sizes, we are glad to introduce an 8 foot model. This 8 foot sign light will be available in both fluorescent and LED. Now we offer 2’, 3’(Fluorescent only), 4’ & 8’ sizes in our... Read More
  • Signage Lighting By LEDtronics Inc.

    LED technology has many benefits for signage lighting. In addition to infusing signs with bright, sharp color that responds faster than incandescent lights, LED is able to last an average of 100,000 hours or 10 years, which means that they do not have to be replaced frequently. LED is also a... Read More
  • Signal Transmitters, Isolators and Converters By Moore Industries International Inc.

    Convert, isolate, split, boost, and step down process signals so field instruments can interface directly with indicators, recorders, DCS, PLC, and PC-based SCADA systems. Read More
  • Signs By Brady Corp

    As a global leader in facility signage, there's no other company that can help you communicate critical information better than Brady. We offer more than 8,000 different signs for safety, maintenance and facility identification. Brady signs feature bright colors, bold text and intuitive... Read More
  • Silhouette Linear Pendant By Besa Lighting

    Linear Cable-suspended pendant with handcrafted glass. Great for contemporary or transitional themed spaces, the Silhouette offers a slender form that fits naturally over tables. It provides general light and almost-spotlight-like downlighting. Two sizes are available, 28” or 36” long. Three... Read More

    LAPP's SILVYN® Protective Conduit Systems are flexible, strong, durable and suitable for use in various industrial applications. They are resistant to acids, solventsd and are available in an halogen-free version. They are also available in many construction materials including steel... Read More
  • Single Phase 230V Double Conversion UPS By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal's Double Conversion UPS is constantly conditioning and controlling AC output during normal operating conditions. Unlike other commercially-available technologies, a double-conversion online design assures that in the event of a utility power failure, there is zero delay transferring to... Read More
  • Skids By Lectrus Corporation

    Looking for a sturdy and portable alternative to a large equipment center? Our steel skids provide a low-cost option when you're placing equipment like pumps and compressors outdoors. They're also a convenient solution when retrofitting existing buildings or facilities with new electrical... Read More

    Over the years, the SKINTOP® cable gland product line has grown and evolved in many ways. With a product offering that spans both polyamide and metallic options suitable for EMI and even explosive environments, it is possible to find a gland for virtually any industrial application. Not all... Read More
  • Slide-Out Patch Panel, Rack Mount 4RU, 12 Panels & 8 Splice Trays By Primus Cable

    Fiber Optics Patch Panels Whatever you need, we have the ideal Fiber Optic Patch Panel for you. Our panels feature 12 to 24 ports and are available with either SC or ST connectors. We offer rackmounted units that easily mount on standard 19" racks, as well as wallmount units that feature built... Read More
  • Slip Ring Cable Couplers By Griplock Systems LLC

    The beauty of Griplock’s patented Slip Ring Cable Couplers is their simplicity. The Slip Ring Cable Coupler consists of two pieces which separate, allowing the ceiling canopy to be lowered while the fixture remains attached to the ceiling structure. You get easy access to the electrical... Read More
  • SM & SML Power Fuses for Underground Distribution, Indoor By S&C Electric Company

    SM and SML Power Fuses are especially suited for protecting cables and medium-to-large power transformers on utility, as well as industrial, commercial, and institutional power systems through 34.5 kV. They incorporate precision-engineered nondamageable silver or nickel-chrome fusible elements... Read More
  • Smart Camera IQsoftware By IQinVision

    IQinVision provides a number of different smart camera software upgrades that increase the value of your IQeye cameras. From recording software solutions to remote access control to image verification - there's an IQapp for various applications! Read More
  • Smart Cord - Electronic Power Conditioner By Smart Power Systems

    Computer Grade Filtering for Limited Spaces Ensures Maximum System Uptime. The ergonomic design of the Smart Cord makes it ideal for environments where computer grade filtering is required but space is limited. The Smart Cord is an electronic power conditioner equipped with “smart ground”... Read More
  • Smart HART® Loop Monitors and Interfaces By Moore Industries International Inc.

    Break out analog and discrete process, status and diagnostic signals from smart multivariable transmitters and valves; monitor critical and safety-related loops; prevent costly false shutdowns; and warn of unwanted process or instrument fault conditions. Read More
  • Smart30 By Smart Power Systems

    Power Protection for 3-Phase Digital Production Printers and Industrial Equipment. The Smart30 Series provides ultimate power protection for Digital Production Printers and Industrial Equipment with single or 3-phase and up to 30 Amps power requirement. Along with redundant all-modes surge... Read More
  • SMARTlogger TOU By DENT Instruments

    SMARTlogger™ Time-of-Use Monitors: Easy energy performance data for baseline studies, savings analysis and operating schedules The SMARTlogger series of instruments are designed to monitor the on-off status and total time of use data. SMARTloggers provide the operating schedule for... Read More
  • SmartNet II - Data Line & Signal Protector By Smart Power Systems

    SmartNet II - The revolutionary data line and signal protector with easy ground connection. Smart Power Systems offers the revolutionary SmartNet II to provide protection for data line and signal for phones, networks, TVs and security systems. Lightning surges and spikes can sneak into the... Read More
  • SMD® Power Fuses, Outdoor Transmission By S&C Electric Company

    S&C’s SMD Power Fuses provide reliable, economical protection for transformers and capacitor banks in outdoor substations through 138 kV. They incorporate precision-engineered nondamageable silver or nickel-chrome fusible elements with time-current characteristics that are precise and... Read More
  • Snake Tray By Snake Tray

    Snake Tray manufactures innovative cable management and power distribution products all designed to save on installation costs. All of our products have green features and are made in the USA. Read More
  • Software By Brady Corp

    Brady offers label, sign and facility management software for a wide variety of applications. To meet today's growing identification needs, Brady provides powerful software for asset and inventory control, cable management, inspection and facility management, laboratory identification and... Read More
  • Soil Markers By William Frick & Co

    Clearly identify vulnerable underground assets with durable ground-level markers. Made of long-lasting and damage-resistant plastic, soil markers are perfect for urban, high-traffic, or other locations where posts and signs can’t be used. These rugged markers can be walked on, driven over, or... Read More
  • Solar Accesories By Melfast

    You can find an entire range of grounding connectors, neoprene cements, and wings at Melfast. We've stocked up on the fasteners to install solar panels and accessories, so speak to one of our sales representatives before your next solar installation. Renewable/alternate energy has reached a... Read More
  • Solar Parking Lot Light Solutions By Sol Inc (Solar Outdoor Lighting)

    Whether you need light a new or existing parking lot, our LED lighting solutions are the smart economic solution. When retrofitting to lower your energy costs, our on-grid LED lights can lower your monthly electric and maintenance fees up 75%. With new installations, you can avoid costly... Read More
  • Solar Path & Trail Lighting By Sol Inc (Solar Outdoor Lighting)

    Whether your sidewalk, pathway or jogging trail is in the design phase or has been enjoyed by the public for some time, consider adding solar lighting for additional security. By avoiding costly trenching, connection to the grid and the electrical infrastructure, solar lighting is often... Read More
  • Solar Roadway Light Solutions By Sol Inc (Solar Outdoor Lighting)

    Sol provides thousands of solar street and roadway lights to countries worldwide who demand a highly reliable system that provides illumination for motorists as well as pedestrians. Sol was the pioneer in the development of sustainable and affordable lighting solutions for Africa. We provide... Read More
  • Solar Security Lighting Solutions By Sol Inc (Solar Outdoor Lighting)

    Sol’s solar and energy saving grid-connected LED lighting is the ideal solution for perimeter and fence lighting. Whether to detect and recognize possible intruders, or for overall site/building illumination, Sol has you covered for increased security and safety. Protecting facilities, people... Read More
  • Solar Shelter Lighting By Sol Inc (Solar Outdoor Lighting)

    Illuminating shelters at night increases safety and security for shelter users. Cost prohibitive electrical trenching and complicated logistics makes solar powered shelter lighting the intelligent choice. Choosing a solar option means instant installation, with no disruption and eliminates the... Read More
  • Solar Sign Lighting By Sol Inc (Solar Outdoor Lighting)

    Illuminating signs can be expensive to power with conventional electricity because of a remote location or environmental sensitivity. Sol has been the leading designer and manufacturer of outdoor sign lighting solutions for external and internal lighting applications since 1992. Sol’s sign... Read More
  • Solar Transit Shelter Lighting By Sol Inc (Solar Outdoor Lighting)

    Sol provides the perfect, bright lighting to give greater security and comfort for commuters with reliable, renewable lighting for transit shelters, advertising signage and transit stops. Sol offers a variety of standard and customized solar-powered and on-grid lighting systems for your transit... Read More
  • Sovereign LED Edgelit Exit Sign By Evenlite, Inc

    Sovereign LED edgelit exit signs set the standard for architectural appeal; always enhancing their surroundings and pleasing the most discerning eye.Subtle lines and soft curves create a distinctive "floating" look. Quality construction includes precision die cast aluminum housings with a... Read More
  • SP Series Stepper Gearmotors By Servo2Go.com Ltd.

    The SP Series NEMA standard 2 phase 1.8 degree hybrid stepper gearmotors offer high torque in a compact lightweight housing. These offset light duty gearmotors are ideal for rotary indexing and positioning applications. Available in Nema 17 & Nema 23 frame sizes, the SP Series Stepper... Read More
  • Spark–Ignited Gas Generator Sets By Cummins Inc.

    Our spark–ignited generator sets, 6.0 to 150 kW, are designed for applications that call for gaseous fuel options as a result of fuel containment, economic and emissions considerations, or compliance with local codes. These generator sets have fuel systems for both natural gas and propane,... Read More
  • Special Purpose Fuses By Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut)

    No matter how specialized your application is, Mersen brings its broad expertise and numerous resources to bear on it. The result is a line of Special Purpose Fuses that unfailingly perform to application-specific requirements. Whether you’re specifying our Cable Protectors, Welder Protectors,... Read More
  • Specialty Items By Melfast

    Reach out to Melfast to order custom fasteners tailored to your specific needs. With more than 25 years of experience in the fastener industry, we'll deliver your products in the sizem quantity, and material of your choosing to best fit your needs. If you want to order fasteners as per your... Read More
  • SpectrAlert Advance Horns, Strobes, and Horn Strobes By System Sensor

    The SpectrAlert Advance series offers the most versatile and easy-to-use line of horns, strobes, and horn strobes in the industry. With white and red plastic housings, wall and ceiling mounting options, and plain and FIRE-printed devices, SpectrAlert Advance can meet virtually any application... Read More
  • SpectrAlert® Advance Dual Strobe and Dual Strobe with Speaker Expander Plates By System Sensor

    Cut costs, speed installation, and improve aesthetics on your emergency communication applications by combining the functions of two to three devices on a single mounting plate and back box. SpectrAlert® Advance Dual Strobe and Dual Strobe with Speaker Expander Plates provide dual strobe... Read More
  • Spectrum Construction Software for Electrical Contractors By Dexter + Chaney

    Built for Your World Spectrum® Construction Software was designed and developed specifically for Electrical contractors. We’ve spent 30 years specializing in the demands and details that electrical contractors face every day, to make sure Spectrum serves every aspect of your business; saving... Read More
  • Spectrum Digital Intercom Systems By Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc.

    Jeron’s Spectrum series of hands-free digital audio intercom systems are flexible and customizable enough to offer a solution for almost any type of facility-wide communications application in locations such as correctional and educational institutions, industrial buildings, parking garages, and... Read More
  • Split Bolts By Greaves Corp.

    High strength solderless service connector High strength copper alloy Suitable for direct burial in earth and concrete UNIVERSAL SPLIT BOLTS All purpose type High-strength copper alloy Electro tin plated Spacer bar separates wires Read More
  • Split-Core Current Transformers By Flex-Core Div.

    This split-core current transformer was designed for easy installation on large bus or wire conductors in order to make electrical load surveys or for continuous monitoring of current. Read More
  • SQ-LED SERIES By Mule Lighting

    Thermoplastic LED Emergency Light The SQ-LED thermoplastic emergency light is the most economical LED emergency light available today. Compared to typical “bug-eye” units, the use of LED lamps instead of traditional incandescent lamps reduces the size of the unit by 50%. The SQ-LED is ideal... Read More
  • SR Series LED Architectural Downlights By Cree

    Cree® SR Series LED architectural downlights use 85 percent less energy and are designed to last up to 30 times longer than incandescent lighting. Featuring award-winning Cree TrueWhite® Technology, the SR Series delivers industry-leading color quality and specifically tuned color points of... Read More
  • SRM-3006 High Frequency Selective Radiation Meters (SRM) By Narda - Safety Test Solutions

    The SRM-3006 is Narda Saftey Test Solution's second generation, hand-held system for performing narrowband analysis of electromagnetic fields. Unlike our NBM series (broadband), the SRM-3006 has the ability to give you results of individual emitters and also generate a total of all emitters. The... Read More
  • SSL Series By Mule Lighting

    Compact Size LED Emergency Lighting The SSL Series is an architecturally pleasing LED emergency light offering emergency egress lighting in a very attractive housing. The sleek design blends seamlessly into any installation and provides a much nicer alternative to typical “bug-eye” units. The... Read More
  • SSP UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply By Smart Power Systems

    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with Automatic Voltage Regulator and Pure Sinewave Output. The SSP uninterruptible power supply (UPS) comes with pure sinewave output and is ideally suited for computers, servers, point of sale (POS) systems, telecom, LAN and other computer peripherals.... Read More
  • STABILOY® Aluminum Alloy Feeder Cable By Alcan Cable

    STABILOY® aluminum alloy feeders and metal clad (MC) aluminum alloy feeder cables provide superior value and quality to the electrical contractor. This enables building owners to realign building construction costs to create the sustainable and energy efficient structures of... Read More
  • STAC5 Microstep Driver with Indexer By Servo2Go.com Ltd.

    The STAC5 provides up to 5 amps per phase from a high bus voltage with sophisticated current control, delivering high torque over a board range of speeds. An advanced anti-resonance algorithm with electronic damping allows for maximum torque utilization and fast settling times. The STAC5 is... Read More
  • Stainless Steel Enclosures By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal's stainless steel enclosures, junction boxes, and pushbutton boxes, depending on model, feature: 304 or 316 stainless steel construction, screw or hinge covers, 20° overhanging slope-top roofs, knife-edge perimeters, powder-coat finishes, 180° hinges and locks with double-bit inserts,... Read More
  • Stainless Steel Junction Box By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal’s stainless steel junction boxes offer protection for dense wiring, outlets and sensitive electronic devices. These junction boxes combine many of the advantages of Rittal’s AE and KL Series enclosures and feature standard 180° hinges and locks with double-bit inserts, foamed-in-place... Read More
  • StandAlone and controlLED Lites By Advanced Control Technologies, Inc.

    StandAlone LED lamps are an 18W direct replacement for fluorescent lamps. controlLED Lites are 18W dimmable linear LED tubes that also replace fluorescent lamps and use a dimmable driver (LD100-SC1) which replaces the existing ballast. The Master LD100-SC1 driver can be controlled by Toggle... Read More
  • Starline Plug-In Raceway By Universal Electric Corp.

    STARLINE Plug-In Raceway® is the next generation in raceway systems created to meet the ever-changing power distribution and datacom needs of retail, labs, data center, and higher education customers. STARLINE’s innovative design offers a flexibility that no other product on the market offers –... Read More
  • Starline Track Busway By Universal Electric Corp.

    Starline Track Busway is the revolutionary electrical power distribution system for the mission critical, retail, industrial, and higher education markets -- or for any facility where power is needed. It is the simple, versatile, fast and economical solution for supplying power to electrical... Read More
  • Stepper Drives By Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.

    Drivers with Indexers Drivers with Oscillators Full-Half Step Drivers Indexers & Oscillators L/R Drivers Microstep Drivers Power Supplies & Accessories for Stepper Drives Read More
  • Stepper Motors By Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.

    AC Synchronous Can-Stack Linear Actuators AC Synchronous Motors Can-Stack Linear Actuators Can-Stack Rotary Stepper Motors Customizable Step Motors Dual Motion Linear Actuators Hybrid Stepper Motor Linear Actuators Integrated Motors Metric Frame Stepper Motors... Read More
  • Stepper Motors & Drives By Servo2Go.com Ltd.

    >Stepper Motors >Stepper Drives >Integrated Motors (Stepper) >Stepper Motor+Drive Systems >QuickStart Kits Read More
  • STILE Lynk By SPI Lighting

    Inspired by the drive to push the lighting design barrier, Stile delivers modern components creating a base upon which unique lighting designs can develop. A modernized pendant defined by its unique bulkheads, Lynk is a great alternative to traditional lighting designs. Its flexible, modular... Read More
  • STM Series NEMA 24 frame Integrated Motor/Drives By Servo2Go.com Ltd.

    STM integrated steppers are drive+motor units, fusing step motor and drive components into a single device. This space-saving design eliminates wiring and saves on cost over conventional motor and drive solutions. The STM24 integrated steppers combine high torque NEMA 24 step motors with a... Read More
  • STM23 Integrated Stepper Motor with EtherNet By Servo2Go.com Ltd.

    The new STM23 models fuse a high performance motion controller with 100 MBit Ethernet communications to a high torque NEMA23 step motor. Connecting to an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix or MicroLogix PLC. EtherNet/IP is also available. The STM23Q-2Ex provides 125 ounce inches of... Read More
  • Stopper® II By Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)

    STI announces a pull station cover (Stopper® II) which mounts directly to the wall over an existing pull station. When the cover is lifted, a self-contained alarm sounds which draws immediate attention to the area. The prankster will either run or be caught, helping to prevent a false fire... Read More
  • STR2 Microstepping Drive By Servo2Go.com Ltd.

    The STR2 is a compact, powerful, digital step & direction driver rated at 2.2 A/phase. This drive is great for OEM applications requiring basic step & direction control of a 2-phase step motor. STR drives feature advanced microstepping performance and sophisticated current control with... Read More
  • STRAIGHT & NARROW By Legion Lighting Co. Inc.

    Mini-Mod-U-Beam® series offers a small unobtrusive silhouette. This small silhouette along with T8 OCTIC lamps or T5/T5HO lamps provides the specifier with a compact high lumen output, high efficiency, energy saving unit. Available in a vast assortment of lengths, diffusers and lamping... Read More

    Designed to allow end-to-end or overlapping lamps for continuous even lighting or dramatic scallop effect. For commercial lighting in Valances, Coves, Displays and Soffits. In Offices, Conference Rooms and Public Spaces. Cove Illume units are available in flexible end to end units, AF1500... Read More
  • Strut U-Channel By Melfast

    Melfast has been shipping u channel struts for almost 30 years. We manufacture our fasteners with the best possible materials and in a range of materials including steel and complex alloys. A strut is a fastener typically designed to disperse and minimize longitudinal compression. Struts are... Read More
  • STT Series Low Maintenance Tubular Flooded Batteries By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    SBS produces a large selection of sealed VRLA AGM/Gel, flooded lead acid & Nickel-Cadmium batteries for Telecom Network Power, Critical Data Power, Transportation, Utility Power, Transmission & Distribution applications. Read More
  • SU16000RT4U Hot-Swappable Modular UPS System By Tripp Lite

    Tripp Lite 16kVA SmartOnline Hot-Swappable Modular UPS offers 16,000 VA on-line, double-conversion UPS support for server, network and telecommunications equipment. Maintains battery-derived AC output during blackouts with active, full-time power conditioning. Fault-tolerant auto-bypass prevents... Read More
  • Substation Transformers By Belyea Company Inc

    Belyea Company carries an extensive stock of substation power transformers available for both purchase and lease. From 300KVA to 650MVA and beyond, our transformer inventory consists of large Generator Step-Up Transformers (GSU’s), large Step-Down Transformers, as well as a wide range of... Read More
  • Sumitomo Quantum Type-Q101-CA Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers By Ross FiberOptic LLC

    For Long Haul Telephony, Outside Plant, and CATV - CORE ALIGNMENT fusion splicers are recommended by many because of < 0.03dB SM, average loss requirement. Key Features: - Fully Navigational Touchscreen — Industry First! - Largest Fiber View - Dual-Automatic Heater System - Longest (3,000)... Read More
  • Super Flat LED Rope Light By Environmental Lights

    Premium Super Flat RGB LED lights from Environmental Lights are a unique and colorful solution when you want to accent any work or outdoor space. Great for patios, decks and pool areas! It is rugged and waterproof, like LED rope, but is more compact and brighter. This new, improved series uses... Read More
  • Superconducting Wire By SuperPower Inc.

    SuperPower has been developing (RE)BCO-based 2G HTS wire at its manufacturing plant in Schenectady, NY since 2000 and is now routinely producing long lengths of high performance wire that is being shipped to customers around the world for a wide range of applications. SuperPower®2G HTS Wire... Read More
  • Sure Wave(tm) Touchless Switches Hands Free By Camden Door Controls

    Sure-Wave™ Hands-Free Switch is an active infrared device designed for use with an automatic door operator or door-locking product (such as an electric door strike or magnetic lock) where physical contact with a manual switch poses a health risk or is simply inconvenient. Sure-Wave™ touchless... Read More
  • Surge-Trap Pluggable SPD By Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut)

    The Surge-Trap® Pluggable SPD provides advanced overvoltage protection by utilizing Mersen's (formerly Ferraz Shawmut) patented TPMOV design, which does not require fuses, a fuse holder or additional wiring in meeting the UL 1449 Third Edition standards thus providing substantial cost savings... Read More
  • Sustained business process improvement consulting and training By SatiStar Management Consulting

    We offer consulting and training in Quality, Business Process Re-Engineering, ISO9000, ISO14000, ITIL20000, TS16949, AS9100, OHSAS18000, Auditing, Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, 5S, Mistake Proofing, Root Cause Analysis, Failure Modes & Effects Analysis, Production Part... Read More
  • SVAC3 By Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.

    The SVAC3 is a servo controller in a compact and cost effective package. This AC powered drive is loaded with features and options that make it a great choice for many OEM applications. SVAC3 drives can be controlled via analog signal or step and direction inputs. Alternatively, they can be... Read More
  • Sweeps, Bends, Couplers & Accessories By American Pipe & Plastics, Inc

    American Pipe & Plastics' fabricates bends and sweeps for Telephone, Power & Communications and Fiber Optics conduit. Sweeps and bends are manufactured to NEMA TC3, TC9, TC10 specifications. Sweeps and bends have bell and spigot ends. American Pipe & Plastics now offers 8” conduit... Read More
  • Switchgear, Switchboards and Panelboards By Romac

    Electrical installations usually have several loads, often on a single circuit. Panelboards, switchboards, switchgear and motor-control centers are methods of consolidating control of those circuits into a common enclosure on common bus. One of the basic functions of switchgear is protection,... Read More
  • Swivelpole Series By AZZ -- Rig-A-Lite

    Swivelpole is a complete lighting fixture mounting solution for new construction or retrofit applications that provides: •Safe & Easy Access •Simple One-Person Operation •Quick & Easy Installation •High Performance •Life Cycle Benefits •Suitable for hazardous, corrosive and wet... Read More
  • SXPJ Series By AZZ -- Rig-A-Lite

    Explosion Proof LED luminaire The SXPJ series LED fixture is built upon the standard for explosion proof lighting in the offshore drilling industry set by the original SXP series. It is also commonly used on land rigs, in refineries, chemical plants, waste water treatment facilities, and any... Read More
  • Syncrosnap Centrifugal Switches By TORQ Corporation

    The TORQ Syncrosnap® centrifugal switch controls the start winding in single-phase electric motors. A centrifugal switch consists of two parts, (1) a centrifugal mechanism which rotates on the motor shaft and interacts with (2) a fixed stationary switch with electrical contacts which... Read More
  • SysteMax By Harmonics Limited, Inc.

    The only retrofit technology compatible with all existing electrical distribution systems. • Immediate Energy Savings of up to 8%; a “sustaining” operating cost savings • Recover Wasted Electrical System Capacity • Elimination of Excess Heat in the Electrical System, lowers operating costs... Read More