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  • Wallmount Enclosures By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal’s wallmount network & electrical component enclosures feature compact versatility, and depending on model, include: TS8 mounting, large openings, a wide range of gland plates and cable entry options, knife-edge door frames, foamed-on gaskets, lockable handles, electrophoretic dipcoat... Read More
  • Wall-mount enclosures By EXM Manufacturing Ltd

    EXM wallmount enclosures offers a large variaty of sizes and many versions; window door, clear cover, hinged solid door, solid screw cover and solid lift off cover. Customize your wallmount enclosure by accessing our online product configurator at www.boxcad.com. Read More
  • Walther Electric HEB201L Power Distribution Unit By F. Walther Electric Corporation

    50A, 1-PH, 2-POLE, 4-WIRE - UL Listed 120/208VAC, Single Phase one tier PDU with Input: (1) 50A Twist lock, CS6375, 2-Pole, 4 Wire inlet, Output: (6) 20A Duplex GFCI receptacles with weather cover protected by (6) 20A 1-Pole circuit breakers Read More
  • Walther Electric HEB201U Power Distribution Unit By F. Walther Electric Corporation

    50A, 1-PH, 2-POLE, 4 WIRE - UL Listed 120/208VAC, Single Phase one tier PDU with Input: (1) 50A Twist lock CS6375 2-Pole, 4 Wire inlet, Output: (1) 50A Twist lock, CS6369, 2-Pole, 4 Wire receptacle with weather cover, (6) 20A Duplex GFCI receptacles protected by (1) 50A 2-Pole breaker (main),... Read More
  • Water Cooled Load Banks By ComRent International, LLC

    The ComRent EXLS water cooled load bank system is a smaller, more manageable and more controllable way to test water cooled data center equipment. Each modular unit is 70% lighter than other water cooled load banks on the market. Best of all, ComRent rents water cooled load banks – so you don’t... Read More
  • Waterproof Color Changing Strips By Environmental Lights

    IP67 waterproof RGB LED Strip Lights are used for commercial, residential and stage lighting in a variety of accent and decorative lighting applications. Let your imagination run wild, and rest assured that we have a complete selection of LED controllers and dimmers, from simple to sophisticated... Read More
  • Waterproof Single Color Strip Lights By Environmental Lights

    Waterproof LED strip lighting is great for outdoor decorations, fountains and other wet location accent lighting. These waterproof LED strips are the same as our regular LED strip lights, except they have a silicone rubber sheath around them to keep water out. The ends are easy to waterproof.... Read More
  • Water-tight KL Hygienic Design Enclosure By Rittal Corporation

    Hygienic design enclosures are designed to meet the washdown demands of the food and beverage industry. Read More
  • Watt-Flex cartridge heaters By Dalton Electric Heating Co., Inc.

    Watt-Flex(tm) split-sheath cartridge heaters last longer, provide more even and responsive heat and eliminate bore seizure, reducing machine downtime and reducing the cost of process heating. The continuous heating coil eliminates sectional burnout, typical of conventional heaters. It also... Read More
  • Wavestar Power Distribution Unit (PDU) By Power Distribution, Inc.

    PDI's Wavestar Power Distribution Unit (PDU) protects your critical computer equipment from electrical noise and spikes and acts as a single point reference ground. Each PDU can be individually configured to meet your needs for isolation, voltage transformation, harmonic reduction and voltage... Read More
  • Wavestar Remote Power Panel (RPP) By Power Distribution, Inc.

    PDI's Wavestar series Remote Power Panel (RPP) is a freestanding distribution system designed to increase the usable kVA of your Power Distribution Units (PDUs). As your Data Center evolves from a few high powered devices to many low powered devices, your system becomes limited by the number of... Read More
  • Wavestar Static Transfer Switches By Power Distribution, Inc.

    PDI’s Wavestar Static Transfer Switch supplies your critical loads with a choice between two available sources of electrical power. The switch continually monitors power quality and will automatically transfer to an alternate source without interruption of power to even your most sensitive... Read More
  • Waylighter LED Recessed Emergency Lght By Evenlite, Inc

    The Waylighter low level emergency lighting system is the ultimate solution for egress emergency lighting. Waylighter provides a concealed – vandal resistant – LED emergency light that projects uniform illumination along the egress corridor, achieving spacings of up to 50 feet on center. At... Read More
  • WC100 wire dispenser By Associated Electric Products, Inc.

    This heavy duty wire cart folds flat for easy transport. The quick load feature permits spools to be loaded without removing clips or pins. (The labor savings on this alone can pay for the cart in a short period of time). The 5/8" solid steel bars can support almost any combination of wire... Read More
  • WFH LED Series By AZZ -- Rig-A-Lite

    Heavy Hose Down LED luminaire Read More
  • WIN 1000 By McCormick Systems

    The WIN 1000 is a great place to start for the small contractor or the contractor just starting out. It is the fastest and most complete entry-level system on the market. This product includes a complete database of items and assemblies, ability for automated price updating and links to direct... Read More
  • WIN 3000 By McCormick Systems

    The WIN 3000 is a great product for the small to medium size contractor. It offers multiple levels of pricing, labor, and hundreds of ways to breakout a job. You can count different assemblies at the same time with the multiple window takeoff to increase your speed and flexibility in... Read More
  • WIN 4000 By McCormick Systems

    The WIN 4000 is a full estimating program for the small to large contractor. It builds on the features and abilities of the WIN 3000 while giving the user additional speed and flexibility in takeoff. A key benefit of this program is it’s built in project management tools, as well as the... Read More
  • WIN 6000 By McCormick Systems

    The WIN 6000 is McCormick’s flagship program and most popular. It is the fastest most customizable program on the market. It has the ability to update and compare pricing from major pricing services or multiple suppliers. With a full featured advanced audit trail and edit extension, it allows... Read More
  • Windows T - Bill By McCormick Systems

    The Windows T-Bill program is designed to allow the contractor to generate and track invoices in order to bill customers for time and material jobs. This program consists of three main sections: • A complete database of both items and assemblies that can be price updated from most major... Read More
  • Wire Mesh Cable Tray By Chalfant Mfg. Co.

    Wire mesh cable trays is an easy solution to wire management cable projects. Our self connecting GR-Magic cable tray is a great labor saving product. Cable tray depths from 1",2",4" and 6" with widths to 24". Read More
  • Wire Termination By Ideal Industries

    From the introduction of the first twist-on wire connector, IDEAL has been a leading force in wire termination and installation technologies. Through ingenuity, proven performance and innovate engineerng, IDEAL continues to lead the electrical industry with products that deliver value greater... Read More
  • Wire Wheel By Associated Electric Products, Inc.

    Portable, free standing dispensers for the 250' coils of NM or MC cable require no stud. Vertical mounting allows cable to be fed vertically or horizontally and tabs permit fast rewinding of excess cable. The one hand carry eliminates numerous trips to and from the truck. It protects cable on... Read More
  • Wireless Inspection Camera By NTE Electronics, Inc.

    Wireless inspection camera(video borescope) allows you to see into tight spaces, behind walls, etc. Standard model and deluxe models available. Deluxe model records to an included SD card. Both models allow the monitor to be removed from camera section and located up to 30 feet away. Includes... Read More
  • WL Series = Wet Location Lighting By Kurtzon Lighting

    The Wet-Lock Series is unlike ordinary wet location fixtures that may allow water to penetrate a fixture as long as electrical components are not dampened. The Wet-Lock Series surpasses standard wet location requirements by restricting water from entering the enclosure. Proven enclosures, sealed... Read More
  • Work Pro Series Air Compressors By Mi-T-M Corp

    Mi-T-M's 3, 4, and 5-gallon single stage, electric Work Pro air compressor product line includes models AM1-HE02-04M, AM1-HE15-03M and AM1-PE02-05M. The Work Pro line of air compressor equipment is designed for both the serious do-it-yourselfer and professional who requires a high level of... Read More
  • WorkPlace Safety and Security By Brady Corp

    Brady is the global leader in safety, security and identification products specifically designed to increase workplace safety. Brady provides innovative products and services that enhance the safety and security of the workplace environment with a wide variety of signage for confined spaces,... Read More
  • Wraps By Fluorolite Plastics Inc

    If the lens is yellowed, cracked, or broken replacing them will make them look as good as new. Read More
  • WS 71 By Ripley Company

    Adjustable End and Mid-Span Strippers For end (WS71) and mid-span stripping (WS72) of 600V secondary cables. Cable range of 1/2 to 1.3in (12.7 to 33mm) OD (1/0 to 1000 MCM). Bright color for easy visibility. Preset blade positions for 45, 60, 80, 95, and 110 mil insulation thickness. Quick... Read More
  • WS 72 By Ripley Company

    Mid Span Stripping cable range 05" to 1.3" (12.7 to 33mm) OD Read More