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  • Z-3250-Tape™ By The Zippertubing® Company

    EMI Shielding Tape, Ni/Cu/Polyester Fabric, Adhesive Backed - Extremely Thin, Flexible & Lightweight - Outstanding Shielding Characteristics - Shield Coverage > 98% - Conductive Adhesive Backing Read More
  • Zero-U Spacemaker By Polygon Wire Management

    Saves up to 80% install labor time Requires no rack space - Zero-U! For new installs or retrofits Minimum bend radius maintained with VELCRO®brand fasteners Cables supported out in front of metal rack - maintains part access Supports cables at back of rack No need to disconnect existing... Read More
  • ZRC / Galvilite Cold Galvanizing Compounds By ZRC Worldwide

    ZRC Galvanizing Compound and ZRC Galvilite combine the rust protection of hot-dip galvanizing with the convenience of paint. Easily applied by brush, roller, or spray, ZRC Compounds provide true cathodic corrosion protection of ferrous and nonferrous metal surfaces. ZRC and Galvilite are... Read More