Accurate Solar Power / Newdoll Enterprises

3515-B Edison Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

About Accurate Solar Power / Newdoll Enterprises

Accurate Solar Power, a division of Newdoll Enterprises, is introducing several new advanced solar products to support the Photovoltaic market. Solar power is a clean renewable energy resource, and will be very important for the future of this planet. Energy from the sun is converted to electrical energy via the photoelectric effect using photovoltaic cells arranged in a panel. Our goal is to invent systems and equipment that will harvest the greatest amount of power from solar panels, as efficiently as possible. The company is introducing three new product lines to support this goal. These are a smart-card that performs a Distributed Maximum Power Point Tracking (DMPPT) optimization, a line of advanced smart-inverters and an on-line monitoring system for instant access to all data for logging and trending.

Competitors of Accurate Solar Power / Newdoll Enterprises

Applied Power Systems, Inc.

APS designs and manufactures advanced high power electronic components, power controls and power systems, including IGBT Inverters, AC-DC Converters, AC Phase Controllers, Rectifier Bridges, Power Semiconductor Assemblies, Clamps, Heat Sinks, Gate Driver Boards for IGBT and SCR (Thyristor),... Read More