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  • Above Ground Fiberglass Conduit Systems By FRE Composites

    FRE Composites' Above Ground Fiberglass Conduit system consists of conduits, fittings, conduit bodies and adaptors. It is designed to provide power, telecommunications and transit utilities as well as commercial and industrial markets with a reliable, easily installed carrier for exposed... Read More
  • Access Control and Perimeter Security By LEVITON

    Access control and perimeter security solutions from Leviton include the Omni security and access control system which features built-in security and fire systems to detect intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, water and other hazards through its wired and wireless sensors. Security... Read More
  • Access Control Cable 18AWG 4C+22AWG 4C+22AWG 2C+22AWG 3Pair SHLD, 500' CMP/CL2P By Primus Cable

    The cable has been designed for easy installation on a single pull and to meet the requirements of the most demanding Building Access & Control Systems. This composite cable includes four components required for card readers, door contacts, locking power and retinal scanners in commercial... Read More
  • Access Control Product Family By LEVITON

    Limit admission to designated areas using HAI’s Access Control products. When you swipe a card or key tag, you can accomplish multiple functions such as arming or disarming security and activating a door strike to open a door. HAI Access Control has simplified wiring for residential or small... Read More
  • AccountLinx By Exaktime

    Integrate your accounting software with The JobClock System. With AccountLinx, you can easily transfer your time and attendance information from The JobClock System to many accounting and payroll management packages. This information is even more useful when it's transferred to your accounting... Read More
  • Acrylic Sheets By Fluorolite Plastics Inc

    Extruded acrylic sheets are a cost effective way to diffuse fluorescent light with bulb hiding qualities. Read More
  • Add-A-Phase By Ronk Electrical Industries

    Provides 3-Phase Power From Single-Phase Lines The Ronk ADD-A-PHASE is a rugged, high efficiency power converter that produces balanced three-phase power to operate three-phase motors from single-phase power sources. ADD-A-PHASE converters are available in a variety of input and output voltages... Read More
  • Additional Products By Exaktime

    Additional products include: LockBox - Extra JobClock Protection Master Pro Series Padlock - Designed for indoor and outdoor use JobClock Surface Mount Kit FastTrakker® Pro Data Collection Device Pharos 565 Ruggedized PDA with GPS JobClock Downloader JobClock.NET Service - Save time and fuel:... Read More
  • Adjustable Sputnik Gripper By Griplock Systems LLC

    Griplock’s line of Sputnik Grippers was designed to suspend oversized, non-linear pendant fixtures. The multi-tasking Sputnik suspends the fixture from a single cable, while leveling it with three or four stabilizing cables, allowing both the height and the plane of the fixture to be adjusted.... Read More
  • Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector By System Sensor

    The System Sensor Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO (AMCF/CO) detector combines our award-winning fire and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors into a single addressable device for an attractive, functional, and cost-effective fire/CO detection solution. With the AMCF/CO solution, you can consolidate... Read More
  • Aerial Work Platforms By JLG Industries, Inc.

    JLG offers more than 50 models of boom lifts, scissor lifts, mast booms, and vertical mast lifts to fit all of your personnel lifting requirements. From 10 ft to 150 ft, JLG® AWPs let you work higher with greater capacity. Our boom lifts feature larger work envelopes, dual-rated capacities and... Read More
  • Aeroblades LED Area Lighting By Cree

    Using NanoOptic® Precision technology, Cree Aeroblades™ LED luminaries provide a sleek design that deliver beautiful, energy efficient area lighting and optical control. Choose from 2-6 light blade options ideal for walkway, roadway and parking applications. Read More
  • AFL/Fujikura FSM-60S™ Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers By Ross FiberOptic LLC

    You may even rent fusion splicers for a new project or to keep up with demand. Call us to learn about terms like V-Groove, PAS, Core Alignment, and how they apply. Two of the most popular manufactures featured are — Sumitomo and AFL/Fujikura. Products by other manufacturers such as Fitel and... Read More
  • Aircraft Obstruction Lighting By Genesis Lamp Corporation

    Genesis Lamp carries a complete line of obstruction lighting products These obstruction lights are used for building lights, bridge lighting, grain elevator lighting, smokestack lighting, tower lighting and wind turbine lighting used in Wind Farms for Wind Energy Read More
  • Airport Lighting By Genesis Lamp Corporation

    Airport Lighting Aviation lighting and runway lighting products are the primary markets serviced by Genesis Lamp Corp. Genesis Lamp is a manufacturer of airfield lighting and airport light bulbs. The proper function of the runway lights is pertinent to the safety and operation required by the... Read More
  • AK100L By Air King Ventilation Products

    Deluxe Exhaust Fan Series with Light The Deluxe Series with Light provides effective ventilation at low sound levels. The series features a bright 100 watt light with a contoured low profile grill, a moonstone glass lens and a 7 watt night light. The exhaust fan, light and night light can all be... Read More
  • AK50LS By Air King Ventilation Products

    Quiet Series The ENERGY STAR® qualified Quiet Series provides cost effective, energy efficient ventilation at low sound levels and features a contoured grill that almost disappears into the ceiling. At the highest point the grill projects only 1/2" down from the ceiling. The electronically... Read More
  • AK55L By Air King Ventilation Products

    Combination Ceramic Heaters The Combination Ceramic Heater Series will instantly make your home a more comfortable place, providing the perfect solution for rooms that are in need of extra warmth. • Heater/Exhaust/Light. • 70 CFM, 5.0 Sones Exhaust Fan. • 4” duct size. • 1350 watt... Read More
  • AKD Servo Amplifier By Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.

    Kollmorgen AKD™ Series is a complete range of distributed control Servo Drives that are fast, feature-rich, flexible and integrate quickly and easily into any application. AKD ensures plug-and-play commissioning for instant, seamless access to everything in your machine. And, no matter what your... Read More
  • AKF701 By Air King Ventilation Products

    Quiet Round Exhaust Fan Series with Light The Quiet Round Fan/Light Series combines quiet operation with a decorative round grill and a stylish, frosted ribbed glass light lens. The exhaust fan and light are able to be wired separately and the unit is easily installed using the included hanger... Read More
  • AKLC702 By Air King Ventilation Products

    Quiet Round Exhaust Fan Series with Light The Quiet Round Fan/Light Series combines quiet operation with a decorative round grill and a stylish, frosted ribbed glass light lens. The exhaust fan and light are able to be wired separately and the unit is easily installed using the included hanger... Read More
  • Alarm / Security Cable By Primus Cable

    For reliable performance in your security and surveillance installations, choose our line of Alarm and Security Cable. Our alarm and security cables meet or exceed UL, ETL, and EIA/TIA Standards. These cables are ideal for alarm systems, CL2 power limited circuits, and communications cable. We... Read More

    Deenergized Motor Circuit Analysis™(MCA) Testing Instrument The ALL-TEST PRO 34™ uses our proven, patented technology to look beyond vibration, temperature, and ultrasound test methods- giving you instant answers on your motor’s health. It represents the 7th generation in product innovation that... Read More
  • ALL-TEST PRO 7 Professional™ By ALL-TEST PRO

    Deenergized Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA) Testing Instrument The ALL-TEST PRO 7™ PROFESSIONAL uses our proven, patented technology to look beyond vibration, temperature, and ultrasound test methods – giving you instant answers on your motor’s health. It represents our 7th generation in product... Read More

    On-Line testing using the handheld ALL-TEST PRO® On-Line II instrument (ATPOL II) has never been safer due to its small size and wireless Bluetooth* communications to your computer. Bluetooth means operating the instrument from up to 10 meters** away, potentially allowing the operator to be at a... Read More
  • Alpha Series™ Cushioned U-Bolt By ZSI-Foster

    Designed for the tough jobs, the Alpha Series™ U-Bolt Assembly secures pipe runs to any flat surface. The cushion design provides total load distribution, allowing the U-Bolt to become a full contact hanger,eliminating knife-edge Loading. The U-Bolt traps and secures the cushion in place to... Read More
  • AlumiConn® Aluminum to Copper Lug By King Innovation Inc

    Manufactured in O'Fallon, Missouri by King Innovation, AlumiConn® is a lug style wire connector designed as a permanent repair for aluminum wiring in residential and commercial buildings. AlumiConn is UL Listed to meet US & Canadian specifications, declared dependable & economical by independent... Read More
  • Aluminum Clearance Bars and Illuminated Low Clearance Signs By Directional Systems

    Directional Systems has many clearance signs and bars that can be used both inside and outside of facilities. Clearance Bar (non-illuminated) Non-Illuminated clearance bar with applied computer-cut vinyl graphics Low Clearance Signs (illuminated) Illuminated sign panel with applied... Read More
  • Aluminum Enclosures By Fibox Enclosures

    ALU enclosures provide rigid construction, high impact resistance and they can be used at a wide range of operating temperatures. They provide excellent protection against petroleum, hydraulic oils, alcohols and solvents. Aluminum enclosures are electrically conductive. Read More
  • AMFO Multi-Conduit System By American Pipe & Plastics, Inc

    American Pipe and Plastics' AMFO Multi-Conduit System is designed for fiber optic cable, coaxial cable and small diameter copper cable installation. It can be direct buried or encased in concrete. The system consists of multiple sections of conduit in 20-foot laying lengths with tapered... Read More
  • Amprobe ACD-21SW Swivel Clamp Meter By Amprobe Test Tools

    Part of Amprobe’s complete line of CATIII, 600 V swivel clamp meters that are ideal for close and difficult-to-reach work environments. The ACD 23SW features a unique 180 degree rotating swivel clamp as well as a backlight function. It features a slim jaw design and one-hand operation. The... Read More
  • Amprobe ACDC-3400 IND CAT IV Industrial True RMS Clamp Meter By Amprobe Test Tools

    This CAT IV rated clamp is ideal for industrial applications and utilities that require an extra level of safety. Includes True RMS sensing for accuracy and dependability. Extra large jaw to accommodate wide diameter wires. Read More
  • Amprobe AM-270 TRMS Industrial Multimeter By Amprobe Test Tools

    A commercial - industrial multimeter for Electrical and HVAC applications dedicated for electrical and HVAC professionals. Safety rated to CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V for outdoor and indoor applications requiring direct connection to main panel of the building or measurement of the outdoor... Read More
  • Amprobe INSP-3 Wiring Inspector Tester By Amprobe Test Tools

    The INSP-3, wiring inspector is a rugged tester designed to verify building wiring compliance to electrical code, especially voltage drop under load. Identify issues with splices, connections and conductor quality, crucial to safety and performance of the electrical system. Testing... Read More
  • Amprobe SOLAR-600 Solar Analyzer By Amprobe Test Tools

    Professional analyzer for testing, maintenance, troubleshooting and efficiency of solar panels. The analyzer is used in the installation of solar panels to determine the proper inverter size, optimum power output position of panels and identifies broken or worn-out cells. I-V Curve test... Read More
  • Amprobe TIC 300 PRO High Energy Tic Tracer - Non Contact AC Voltage Detector By Amprobe Test Tools

    Rugged and reliable for utility, industrial and mine safety applications, The TIC 300 PRO warns against dangerous voltages in low and medium voltage applications up to 122 KV without contacting the energized conductor. Utility tool for checking transmission lines, power distribution... Read More
  • Amp-Trap 2000® Fuses By Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut)

    For Type 2, no damage circuit protection in all the configurations you need. By opening in less than 1/4 cycle under short circuit conditions, Amp-trap 2000® fuses current limit enough to prevent undue downstream damage — and therefore comply with the extra-stringent IEC, Type-2 standard. In... Read More
  • Analog Panel Meters By Panel Components & Systems (PC&S)

    PC&S’ LS and ST series of analog meters are all built to ANSI C39.1 standards. We offer a number of models that are UL and CE approved. Models are available in most standard sizes, scales and input ranges. Choose from a broad selection of AC and DC ammeters, voltmeters and frequency meters,... Read More
  • Anchor By Melfast

    Melfast's high quality anchors are used in a wide range of industries like shipbuilding, and railroad construction. Our fasteners are rugged, come with brass or zinc coatings, and increase the longevity of the equipment they support. Used as tactical industry fasteners in industries like... Read More
  • Aparia Linear Lighting By Prudential Lighting

    General •A half-parabola shaped linear luminaire, created in collaboration with a California design team. •Radiate light with the Glow style or direct it with the Aparia's Throw version. •Glow filters light through punched metal or translucent acrylic. •Throw body style features three... Read More

    Aperion from Evenlite is everything you look for in an emergency light, and less. Concealed, recessed, and folded into a housing that's surprisingly compact, there's little to notice about the Aperion besides the way it blends into its environment. That's the beauty of it. When normal power... Read More
  • APF1030-600 By Air King Ventilation Products

    ENERGY STAR® Qualified Professional Range Hood Series The APF ENERGY STAR qualified Professional Range Hood Series was designed for homeowners that require functionality and style. The APF Series is one of the first ENERGY STAR Qualified Range Hoods on the market in this category and now gives... Read More
  • Aptora Mobile® By Aptora

    Aptora Mobile® is a cutting edge software program that connects your Smartphone (iPhone, iPad, Android, or BlackBerry) device or even directly via Safari on the web directly to your Total Office Manager Enterprise software, allowing you full access to view: • Dashboard Items such as: -... Read More
  • ARCA Non-metallic Enclosures By Fibox Enclosures

    Fibox ’s ARCA non-metallic enclosures provide users of classic electrical junction boxes an easy upgrade path to a high performance enclosure featuring 21st century technology. Precision, injection molded, ARCA enclosures feature excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and the wide... Read More
  • Armor Cable By Service Wire Co., Inc.

    Our Armor is as tough as it comes. Our armor can handle everything from open-pit mining to chemical applications – withstanding corrosive chemicals and heavy mechanical wear and tear where others fall short. We've got the hard-to-find sizes you need! Product Offerings: Jacketed... Read More
  • AS50 By Air King Ventilation Products

    Advantage Exhaust Fan Series The Advantage Exhaust Fan Series allows for economical solutions to your ventilation needs without sacrificing style and function. Perfect for smaller bathrooms, powder rooms, and utility rooms. • 50 CFM, 3.0 Sones. • 3” duct size. • Easily installs using the double... Read More
  • AS54 By Air King Ventilation Products

    The Air King AS54 Exhaust Fan is an economical solution to your ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation needs without sacrificing style and function. Perfect for smaller bathrooms, powder rooms, and utility rooms. • 50 CFM, 3.0 Sones • 4" duct size • California Title 24 compliant • Easily installs using the... Read More
  • ASLC50 By Air King Ventilation Products

    Advantage Exhaust Fan Series with Light The Advantage Exhaust Fan Series with light features a stylish grill design that fits in with almost any decor. The high impact polycarbonate lens allows for easy relamping and the fan and light can be wired to operate separately. • Excellent ASHRAE 62.2... Read More
  • AT-10 Portable bandsaw table By Associated Electric Products, Inc.

    Your bandsaw will make consistent square cuts without the sparks, dust , smell and safety hazards. There's no loss of portability as the saw can be snapped in or out of the bracket in less than 5 seconds. It allows you to operate the saw with one hand leaving the other hand free to control the... Read More
  • ATEX / IECEx Flameproof Enclosures By Adalet

    Utilizing their ATEX equipment certification, Adalet can now fully populate empty ATEX certified enclosures and provide CE certification to any and all applicable CE marking directives. This ATEX control panel certification allows Adalet to eliminate the requirement to re-submit enclosure... Read More
  • ATEX Wallmount Enclosure By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal has designed this series of enclosures to provide ideal conditions for a variety of applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in the offshore sector and in the food and beverage market where ATEX requirements must be met. Read More
  • Automatic Transfer Switches By MTU

    MTU Onsite Energy now offers a line of open- and closed-transition automatic transfer switches and bypass automatic transfer switches, providing complete power solutions for mission-critical, industrial and commercial, general-purpose and light-commercial installations. As an integral part of... Read More
  • Automation & Motion Controllers By Ltd.

    >Development Kits >Motion Controllers >Core Modules/Single-Board Computers >Programmable Automation Controllers/Embedded Controllers >Embedded Wireless Devices Read More
  • Automation & Motion Controllers By Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.

    Compact Embedded Controllers Compact PCI Motion Controllers Core Modules Development Tools for Embedded Systems Embedded PLC Controllers Ethernet/RS232 Stand-Alone Motion Controllers Expandable Control Systems HMI Controllers ISA BUS Motion Controllers Joystick... Read More
  • AviAngle™ Ledge Exclusion System By Bird-X

    AviAngle™ is a modular ledge exclusion system that prevents all pest birds and wildlife from landing on ledge-based areas. The smooth surface of the UV-protected PVC material prohibits birds and from landing and getting a stable foothold. AviAngle™ is resistant to virtually all weather... Read More
  • Avishock™ Bird Shock Track System By Bird-X

    Avishock™ shock track is an effective, low-profile solution that prevents birds from landing, roosting or nesting on building ledges. The electrified track delivers a startling, yet harmless, electric shock that conditions birds to stay away from the treated area. Avishock™ is a non-lethal,... Read More
  • AVR Plus - Automatic Voltage Regulator By Smart Power Systems

    Automatic Voltage Regulator Provides Clean and Consistent Power for ATMs, Digital Copiers, and Mailing Machines. Why Use an Automatic Voltage Regulator? Electronic systems are designed to operate based on a clean and constant supply of AC voltage. The AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) Plus... Read More
  • AZ12A8 Analog Input Brush Servo Amplifier By Ltd.

    The AZ Series PWM servo drives are designed to drive brush-type DC motors and voice coils at high switching frequency. To increase system reliability and to reduce cabling costs, the drive is designed for direct integration into your PCB. The AZ12A8 is fully protected against over-voltage,... Read More