White Papers for Electrical Construction and Maintenance

  • IBIS Short Form Catalogue

    Saving you time and money through innovative technology.
  • Managing Dynamic Access

    For over 20 years, CyberLock has listened closely to the access control needs of our critical industries.We learned that companies need security solutions that can serve a mobile, dynamic workforce. We recognized that productivity and efficiency are not luxuries, but essential considerations in...
  • Choosing the Right Cable for Your Servo Application

    This situation presents three primary challenges: running the servo cable from the drive to the equipment that is flexing, maintaining connectivity over the distance, and installing cable to code.
  • How Data Centers Benefit from Fiberglass Conduit Elbows

    Data Centers are vital elements of our modern world, securely facilitating delivery of the most valued commodity today, our data. They house assorted bandwidth-intensive devices, like blade servers, storage systems, virtualization appliances and backup devices connected by a significant volume...
  • Worst Case Leakage Current Testing

    Leakage current testing is the measurement of electrical “leakage current” that results from powering an electrical appliance via mains or dc power. Leakage current is the unwanted or unintended flow of electrical current that presents an electrical hazard such as shock or burn.
  • Monitoring Bulk Solids Inventory

    Bulk Solids Inventory exists in a wide range of industries including agriculture, grain processing, feed production, plastic processing, concrete production and many more. Reliable monitoring of these inventories and efficient management of the corresponding data requires a choice...
  • Lighting Technologies, Principle, and Measurement

    The proper measurement of light is a precise and complex science. The first step in correctly measuring light is to understand the basics: Color-Rendering Properties, Color Temperature, Light Distribution, Total Luminous Flux and Mura. This white paper provides a brief explanation of each...
  • Selecting a Pressure Washer

    When choosing a pressure washer, your application will play a major factor in choosing the correct type you need.
  • Utilizing Load Bank Solutions to Optimize Data Center Commissioning

    This paper explores how data center operators who properly leverage load bank technology during data-center commissioning can validate electrical and mechanical infrastructure performance, isolate and correct issues before production, qualify for LEED certification, accelerate...
  • Energy Savings in the Data Center Starts with Power Monitoring

    Increased compute requirements means more power consumption. In order to efficiently leverage all of the data that companies now collect about every aspect of their business, increasingly powerful and dense computer systems (such as blades and high-density rack systems, as well as switch and UPS...