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About Electric Equipment & Engineering Co

Manufacturing excellence is what separates Electric Equipment & Engineering Company (EEE) from its competitors. EEE is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers. This means meeting established requirements such as UL and NEC. It also means exceeding the expectations of our customers with innovative products engineered and manufactured to the only the highest of standards.

We will strive for continuously improved performance in all functional areas using involved employees that are skilled and properly trained.

Our ‘Triple E’ Manufacturing Excellence policy will insure that our products are produced to the highest of standards and have performed above and beyond your expectations. We have built our reputation for retaining and growing our customer base by solving complex application problems using our engineering knowledge combined with our manufacturing expertise to create innovative products and support our customers with exceptional service.

The result of these activities is to provide a standard of products and service that exceeds customer expectations.

Products by Electric Equipment & Engineering Co

By Electric Equipment & Engineering Co

Integrated Load Center

The integrated load center was originally developed by EEE in 1995. EEE now has over 250 different designs of this product and is the leader in the engineering and integration of these products. There are many different designs to fit your needs, ranging from co-locate to T1 cell sites to new... Read more »

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By Electric Equipment & Engineering Co

Battery Disconnect

DC Disconnects for Battery Power Plants Battery powered equipment found in today’s telecommunications (and other) facilities utilizes a disconnecting means. A disconnect provides a simple means to isolate a string of batteries for maintenance purposes. In addition, some local municipalities or... Read more »

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By Electric Equipment & Engineering Co

Transfer Switches

Using circuit breaker technology, the transfer system can provide overcurrent protection. Another benefit of the circuit breaker type of transfer system is that the user is isolated from the danger of live parts. Unlike some transfer switch manufacturers, where the user is required to insert a... Read more »

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