Champion Fiberglass Announces the It’s So Easy Giveaway

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Champion Fiberglass is pleased to announce an online giveaway in celebration of their newly launched Win With Champ advertising campaign. 

Champion Fiberglass, the industry’s leading fiberglass conduit manufacturer, is pleased to announce the It’s So Easy giveaway. The online giveaway celebrates the launch of a new advertising campaign, one that illustrates how much easier it is when you work with Champion Fiberglass, and Champion Fiberglass conduit.

Engineers and contractors face tough situations every day—corrosion, burn-through, unexpected costs. These are the villains brought to life by the new campaign, one that pits these worksite challenges against Champ, a larger-than-life fiberglass superhero.  

Entering and winning the giveaway is just as easy as the name says. The new ad campaign features a link to the giveaway microsite at, as do web banners and other supplementary advertising. The promotion, which runs from February 21 through May, highlights how Champ, the conduit hero, takes down a different “villain” each month, and offers a new chance for entrants to win. To enter for a chance to win, all one has to do is visit the microsite, enter email and name, click “ENTER GIVEAWAY,” and they’re in the running. The prize is a $100 Amazon® gift card, and ten will be awarded each month. Winners can re-enter to win throughout the three-month run of the giveaway, with one chance each month. Winners will be notified by email.

Although the giveaway introduces the Win With Champ advertising campaign, it also serves as an overview of Champion Fiberglass conduit’s in-market advantages. Newly extended, UL Listed support spacings, low material cost, and ease of use are a few of its beneficial features, in addition to fighting corrosion, burn through, and high costs. This is a fun campaign and giveaway, but at the end of the day, Champion is serious about saving budgets and providing better building materials to hardworking engineers and contractors everywhere.



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