Electrical Enlightenment, Inc.

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About Electrical Enlightenment, Inc.

Electrical Enlightenment Estimating Service is a professional estimating service exclusive to the electrical contracting industry.

Whether you are new to the electrical contracting business or you are one of the largest electrical contractors in the industry, Electrical Enlightenment will deliver the highest quality detailed, organized estimates, guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Electrical Enlightenment was established in 2000 and has estimated over three billion dollars of electrical projects over the last seven plus years. Our experience includes backgrounds in electrical contracting, electrical estimating, consulting and training.

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Products by Electrical Enlightenment, Inc.

By Electrical Enlightenment, Inc.

Quality detailed electrical estimating dialed into your local market. Our Turn-Key estimating offers the contractor a full service estimating department at a fraction of the cost to hire full time estimators. When you don't have the time or the estimator, we'll lend you ours. Read more »