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Corona cameras to pinpoint corona effect during daytime at all weather conditions. Compact hand held corona cameras; High-end portable DayCor corona cameras; Airborne gyro stabilized systems; Fully automatic detect & report cameras for electrical trains; Driven solutions; Labs equipment. All cameras are fully solar blind with absorption in UVc. Optional top quality custom made solutions. The only systems with large bright LCD and with proven records of sensitivity, reliability and customer support. DayCor cameras are the best tools for non destructive predictive maintenance.

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Products by Ofil Ltd

By Ofil Ltd

A compact airborne daytime corona detection systems manufactured by Ofil Ltd, the worldwide leader in UV inspection systems. DayCorR)ROMpact is a high-sensitive, compact, sturdy and light-weight daytime corona imager fit for airborne inspection of remote electrical facilities of distanced 25 to... Read more »

By Ofil Ltd

CITI offers professional courses for electrical maintenance engineers that wish to become certified UViGraphers. UViGraphers are UV inspection specialists that know how to perform inspections with corona cameras, where to look for corona, what to look for it, when to inspect, and understand... Read more »