Cozy Products

300 N. Elizabeth St.
Chicago, IL 60607

About Cozy Products

Cozy-Products provides safe, energy-efficient, cost-efficient, "green" and sustainable/renewable energy alternatives for personal space heaters. Our products range from the Cozy Feet heated shoe inserts to our 100% recycled rubber Footwarmer heated floor mats and our 100% recycled rubber Ice Away Snow Melting Mat. We also have an ergonomic, heated Toasty Toes footrest with an optional fleece Foot Cozy pouch and our Cozy Legs flat panel radiant heat panel. All save you money in excess heating and electricity bills not too mention that they never get hot enough to burn fabrics or skin. Safe for use around children and pets. Perfect for the office, doorway, loading dock, home or any other use where feet are cold, wet or there is a slippery walking surface.

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