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About SmartGuard

SmartGuard Covers offers SmartGuard Protective ClearCovers for Electrical Boxes and Device applications.
-Open Mudrings-Single & Multi Gang apps. for Quick friction and snap in fit
-NEW / Pre-Fab-Strong & Sturdy Device Covers offer Big savings in Material Costs - Multi Gang applications save labor-ClearCover makes Color and Identification Quick and Easy.
-Temp Panel and Low Volt Center Covers-Load Center and Low Volt Kits offer Unique Adjustability-Clear Material allows easy ID of Breaker Condition with out Removing Temporary Panel Cover.
-NEW / 4SQ Masonry Box Enclosures-Masonry, Moisture and Drat Protection. Easy Fit 1 piece box cover and lid eliminates time consuming use of tapes and putty
-NEW / 4SQ Sound Proof Box Enclosure–Enclosure and Liner provide a 30 STC Rating–Higher Sound blocker, easier and more economical than putty
-Residential-Simply remove covers for a clean and New looking box at trim stage
-Meter Base and Can Light Covers- Our Innovation Continues!!

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