Architectural Record Features Two Projects with BKSSL™ Solid State Technology

Press Release from BK Lighting Inc.

Architectural Record magazine for the August 2013 edition has featured two projects, both having been developed on major university campuses, both incorporating path lights with BKSSL™ solid state technology. One is at the University of Baltimore, the other at University of California, Berkeley.

The first project is called the John and Frances Angelos Law Center, part of the University of Baltimore. The building was designed by Behnisch Architekten with collaboration with Ayers Saint Gross. It officially opened in April of 2013. According to Architectural Record this project has brought together the University of Baltimore's entire School of Law into a single centralized location for the first time in its 88 year history.

The Law Center is a modern building with an interlocking cubic composition with different use areas having their own unique exterior. The designs are anything but contextual to the typical brickwork found in Baltimore; the building is patterned in a rectangular, checkerboard style with the upper library floors exhibiting a woven arrangement.

A common theme throughout the building is openness - ample light is provided by windows, screens, glazing and the large central atrium that rises up into the upper stories of the building. The entire project is universally illuminated by LED lighting in anticipation of LEED Platinum certification.

B-K Lighting's custom design department was called upon to create 20 custom stainless steel Lite Stick™ luminaries for the project. These fixtures utilize an e40, 3W 3000K solid state BKSSL™ system with integral non-dimming drivers. Each 1" diameter stem is mounted onto a machined stainless steel Power Pipe™ B cap with an additional housing below, also in stainless steel. This housing contains a 10W magnetic transformer and sits above grade. Below grade a stainless steel splice compartment was added along with two ½" NPT connectors. This entire assembly is centered on a 10" square, ½" thick steel plate for stable installation below grade. You can view the full specification on the c1534-29 product page. 

The second project featured in Architectural Record with BKSSL™ path lights is UC Berkeley's Energy Biosciences Building, completed in August of 2012. The project replaced the older Helios Research Facility and is now the most energy efficient building on the Berkeley campus.

The Biosciences Building is 113,000 square feet and was designed by architectural and engineering firm SmithGroup JJR. In anticipation of meeting LEED Silver certification, the project was design to exceed California energy codes by nearly 20 percent in spite of the high lumen requirements researchers and scientists typically desire. The lighting plan was performed by Loisos + Ubbelohde who specified many custom lighting fixtures for the project to keep energy consumption down and productivity up. Landscape architecture was performed by Andrea Cochran.

Among the solid state luminaries chosen for the project, B-K Lighting's Mini-Micro Pathlight™ was selected. These luminaries utilize an e11 LED type with integral driver, having an overall height of 30". They consume just 3W each with a 4000K color temperature. The fixtures were finished in Bronze Wrinkle (BZW), one of our standard Class A powder coat finishes.

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