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Solar Yard Gard: The Solar Yard Gard is a solar-powered ultrasonic pest animal repeller. The device uses high-frequency soundwaves (silent to most humans) to irritate and annoy common yard pests, making them seek calmer, untreated areas. The Solar Yard Gard also has an optional flashing LED light for a...
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Premium Nixalite® Bird Spikes: Nixalite's Premium Stainless Steel Bird Barrier Spikes provide effective and humane control for pest birds and climbing animals on all types of surfaces. Effective for all birds including sparrows, starlings, mud swallows, black birds, pigeons, crows, seagulls and vultures. When installed as...
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Bird Exclusion Netting: The use of Bird Exclusion Netting provides a safe and humane method of completely excluding pest birds from desired areas. A typical netting installation consists of the following: first, stainless steel support anchors (eye bolts) are mounted to the structure. Next, cable guides (j-brackets,...
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