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  • Automation & Motion Controllers

    >Development Kits >Motion Controllers >Core Modules/Single-Board Computers >Programmable Automation Controllers/Embedded Controllers >Embedded Wireless Devices Read More
  • AZ12A8 Analog Input Brush Servo Amplifier

    The AZ Series PWM servo drives are designed to drive brush-type DC motors and voice coils at high switching frequency. To increase system reliability and to reduce cabling costs, the drive is designed for direct integration into your PCB. The AZ12A8 is fully protected against over-voltage,... Read More
  • CDS-3310 Ethernet/RS232 Stand-Alone Motion Controller

    Galil's CDS-3310 is a single-axis controller and drive system for precisely controlling a brush or brushless servo motor. It combines a high-performance, programmable motion controller with a 500W PWM drive in a compact, cost-effective package. The CDS-3310 provides a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port... Read More
  • D Series DC Tachometers

    With rugged construction and high output voltages, D Series tach generators are ideally suited to a variety of industrial applications. The flange mounting arrangement provides a convenient assembly method, and the sturdy 0.187"-diameter shaft permits the heavier loading frequently encountered... Read More
  • DMC-41x3

    The DMC-41x3 motion controller is Galil's latest generation Econo motor controller. Compared with the DMC-21x3 Econo controller, the DMC-41x3 offers the following enhancements: 100BASE-T Ethernet, aux RS232 port, USB port, uncommitted analog inputs, accepts 15 MHz encoder frequencies, and faster... Read More
  • DZCANTE-020L080 CANopen Input Sinusoidal Brushless Servo Amplifier

    The combination of a DigiFlex® Performanceâ„¢ servo drive with the DriveWare software establishes a new benchmark in versatility! Capabilities built into DigiFlex® servo drives include: Full tuning control of all three servo loops: Position, Velocity and Torque Real-time oscilloscope with up... Read More
  • DZRALTE Servo Amplifier

    The DZRALTE Series are digital servo drives that control brushed & brushless servomotors in a compact form factor which make them ideal for embedded applications. These fully digital drives operate in torque, velocity, or position mode and employ Space Vector Modulation (SVM) which results in... Read More
  • Feedback Devices

    >Encoders >Tachometers >Linear Displacement Transducers Read More
  • Gearboxes, Brakes & Couplings

    >Gear Reducers >Couplings >Brakes Read More
  • GM8212-31 Brush Mini Gearmotor

    Pittman's GM8000 Series spur gearmotors feature sintered steel gears, are available in three stack lengths, and come in with side exit terminals. Pittman's LO-COG brush-commutated DC gearmotors offer smooth, quiet operation and long life. Armatures are skewed to minimize magnetic cogging, even... Read More
  • GM9213-3 Brush Mini Gearmotor

    Pittman's GM9000 Series spur gearmotors feature sintered steel gears, are available in three stack lengths, and come in with side exit terminals. Pittman's LO-COG brush-commutated DC gearmotors offer smooth, quiet operation and long life. Armatures are skewed to minimize magnetic cogging, even... Read More
  • HT24 High Torque Nema 23 Step Motor

    These NEMA standard 2 phase 1.8 degree hybrid step motors offer high torque in a compact lightweight rugged housing. A variety of windings are available to meet most application requirements. These motors offer fast damping and high slew rates for better control in full/half or microstep mode.... Read More
  • Positioning Systems & Actuators

    >Linear Slides >Rotary Stages >Linear Actuators >Tilt Stages >Electromechanical Cylinders >Screw Driven Stages Read More
  • QR12 Series Hollow Shaft Encoder

    Quantum Devices, Inc. Model QR12 provides an improved feedback solution in applications typically using modular encoders. With an over all height of less than one inch and the stability of a bearing encoder design, the model QR12 can provide significant performance upgrades in applications... Read More
  • SCN5 Series Electromechanical Cylinder

    The SCN5 series of Dyadic's Mechatronics Cylinder line is ideal in that the motor, encoder, drive and actuator are one integral package. Dyadic has developed the linear actuator drive mechanism such that the screw and nut are optimized for high accuracy, long life and low cost while delivering... Read More
  • Servo Motors & Drives

    >Servo Drives >QuickStart Kits >Servo Motors >DC Mini Motors >Integrated Motors (Servo) >Power Supplies & Accessories >AC & DC Permanent Magnet Motors & Gearmotors Read More
  • SP Series Stepper Gearmotors

    The SP Series NEMA standard 2 phase 1.8 degree hybrid stepper gearmotors offer high torque in a compact lightweight housing. These offset light duty gearmotors are ideal for rotary indexing and positioning applications. Available in Nema 17 & Nema 23 frame sizes, the SP Series Stepper... Read More
  • STAC5 Microstep Driver with Indexer

    The STAC5 provides up to 5 amps per phase from a high bus voltage with sophisticated current control, delivering high torque over a board range of speeds. An advanced anti-resonance algorithm with electronic damping allows for maximum torque utilization and fast settling times. The STAC5 is... Read More
  • Stepper Motors & Drives

    >Stepper Motors >Stepper Drives >Integrated Motors (Stepper) >Stepper Motor+Drive Systems >QuickStart Kits Read More
  • STM Series NEMA 24 frame Integrated Motor/Drives

    STM integrated steppers are drive+motor units, fusing step motor and drive components into a single device. This space-saving design eliminates wiring and saves on cost over conventional motor and drive solutions. The STM24 integrated steppers combine high torque NEMA 24 step motors with a... Read More
  • STM23 Integrated Stepper Motor with EtherNet

    The new STM23 models fuse a high performance motion controller with 100 MBit Ethernet communications to a high torque NEMA23 step motor. Connecting to an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix or MicroLogix PLC. EtherNet/IP is also available. The STM23Q-2Ex provides 125 ounce inches of... Read More
  • STR2 Microstepping Drive

    The STR2 is a compact, powerful, digital step & direction driver rated at 2.2 A/phase. This drive is great for OEM applications requiring basic step & direction control of a 2-phase step motor. STR drives feature advanced microstepping performance and sophisticated current control with... Read More

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